My Life.

A dog's mind:


I am a slave, not a pet.

"Here boy!" or "Here girl!*

*whistle, whistle, whistle...*

I eat 'dogfood'.

"Down! You can't hav the delicious, delectable, tasty food we have!!"

I have the same food every day.

'Ooo! Gravy! Oooo! Garbage and leftovers!!'

Why can't I have turckey and stuffing on Thanxgiving? Or presants on Christmas? I have to BEG for a 'treat' and I have to do what they say. No walks, 'don't chew on this,' and 'don't chew on that!' I'm sick of it!

"Oh, the dog is 10yrs old, lets kill it."

Animal abusers...


I can't live normally...

Humans get TV, humans get computer, HUMANS, HUMANS; HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why cant I hav ANYTHING in this God-for-saken world!

Sorry, I get depressed and angry sometimes. But didnt God put animals on Earth for a reason? Think about it, humans with leashes. It sounds weird, but why do dogs have leashes? I am an abused New York Terrier, winner of thirty shiny things, and this is my story.

           ~Dream Cloud Dog~

 Thank you for listening. I hope that the world can help me...

I have more stories, please read them. Thank you.

DreamCloudDog DreamCloudDog
Mar 11, 2009