My Friends Are Lost, and Will Never Be Found. Forever.

Hi, Im Dream Cloud Dog, an injured dog. I am back to tell more about m life. Thank you. This one is about the conests I have won. It's not bragging, it's acually quite the opposite. Trust me...
My 'master', Shadow, works with me and my younger sister, Spirit. Midnight, the cat, has already died, thank God. Anyway, I didn't like contests all the time.
"Let's check your posture," the 'rich', old lady says to me.
I stand up straight, and she nods and rights on her evil thing. She waves it at our faces if we miss behave. Luckly, I know that, so I behave.
"Good dog, now walk."
I walk around the tent, tied to my rope.
"Good, yes, very good. Nice posture, yes, hmm..."
When we finally get to see who wins, the judges anounce,
"Dream wins! Congragulations, miss. Here is your reward."
Where is my reward? I did all the work! What about me? I thought she loved me...
I won my 35th reward, for I am a show dog, nothing more...
Show dog? Or worthless dog. A dog that spends it's life showing off.
I am like a shining gem, like the one on my head. Laying in a glass case, waiting for God to save me. Save me from the case, and into death...

DreamCloudDog DreamCloudDog
Mar 11, 2009