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For All Women Who Are Interested In Exhibitionism.

Hi, I am "S", the female half of Wicedman. I am a genuine exhibitionist, I love showing myself off in public. The Idea for this "forum," came up in conversation with a couple I have been corresponding with. I would like to treat it as a place where any women interested in exhibitionism, is able to voice her opinions, ask question's, and hopefully receive advice or help from myself or others. Also, hopefully it may be of interest to the many women who's husbands, boyfriend's, or partners request they wear skimpy clothes public, go out in see thro clothing, without panties ect, who would either like to try it for themselves, or like to try it to please the man, but are nervous to do it for fear of being "caught", or arrested, named and shamed ect!
First, you will be very supprised just what you can get away with, I know, I was as nervous as hell to start off with, believe me! The first few times out (it was wearing a see thro top that youcould hardly see thro!) I could hardly bring myself to open my coat an inch, for fear of everyone staring, or a crazy idea I would get arrested! As for my initial pantieless expeditions, well you would have needed a wrecking bar to part my knees!
Now, I wear REALLY see thro tops, and have no problems making people aware I have no panties on, and loving every moment of it. The most important thing of all to remember is that at all times, it is YOU who is in control! Do things at your own pace, do not feel obliged to do anything if you are uncomfortable about it. If you are with your man, discuss and explain this to him in advance, and make sure he understands and supports you.
The most important thing of all, and only constant problem is that you must at all costs avoid being seen by minors, so to make it easier to get started it's advisable to start in the evenings, when all good little children SHOULD be out of the way! Then, probably for your own peace of mind, start by trying to avoid being in the direct eyesight of women. Most younger women are fine, especially if they are younger than you, I think they don't see you as a threat maybe! Just ease yourself into it, you will be pleasantly supprised how little notice people take, even though you will feel convinced they can't but fail to notice you and stare. People very rarely stare by the way, natural reserve will forbid it. The only ones who I have experienced any problems with like that, have been groups of young guys, so avoid them till you have a bit of experience!
Right, well thats a bit to start off with. I will do my best to reply to any serious questions, and hope that anyone reading this with experience of these activities will feel like adding their bit to this thread.
wicedman100 wicedman100 41-45, F 24 Responses Sep 13, 2010

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I'm a secret exhibitionist (if such a thing is possible). My biggest fantasies are to have sex outdoors, but I'd be mortified if I were caught or to have strangers gazing in admiration at my naked body. My boyfriend isn't fully aware of my desire to be an exhibitionist and I'm not sure how to tell him but I want him to be a part of it and, really, for him to get off on me showing my body to others as much as I do.

Very sexy!!

I have my wife go out pantyless whenever possible and she now loves it , I haven't got her to flash anyone yet but I will keep trying :).

Very interesting, sexy and sensual.

Last year several of us (Women) formed the Too Short Skirt Club" where we would have lunch together every other week and everybody had to shorten their skirts by 1/2". We all started with identical inexpensive skirts from Target that were pretty short to begin with. We all also got matching black thongs to go with the skirts. After 4 rounds, it was getting very risque. Bending over even a little exposed the bottom of your *** cheeks, and sitting down definitely did. After six rounds (3" shorter) just walking was risky. We played a full 8 rounds and we were probably on the verge of being arrested. To celebrate, we all went into San Francisco to go shopping at Union Square and dinner at a great Italian place in North beach. I must say, we were the center of attention and it was a blast.

A husband here, great to read a woman's comment on the subject. This is great info that I can share with my wife. She has strong exhibitionist tendencies but also wracked with sporadic feeling if guilt as well. I would love her to relax and feel better about opening up and sharing her feelings and desires to show herself off with me knowing and around.

Wow, good info and points of view. And, some that aren't getting it. I know, I didn't used to get it and I still have lapses. Like lostinthewoulds I did the same thing over and over expecting it to turn out differently. What my wife had to tell me was it wasn't about me. If I enjoyed what she was doing... enjoy it. Don't comment or try to own it. If part of the process of getting into being an female exhibitionist was to slowly shed some of the past programming and allow her to experiment where it was safe and could be an accident then my pointing it out screwed it up. I made it impossible to be an accident and set her back. It was very hard to keep my mouth shut, because I wanted it so bad. And, when she did show off (on her terms) I had to tell her how much I enjoyed it. That was selfish and immature of me. I needed to enjoy what she was doing and figure it wasn't an accident and let her do her thing. As for bl<x>inky44, see above. It has to be hers. If she has a couple glasses of wine and can let herself enjoy showing off, then why is it an issue? Does it have to be on your terms and your say so? For people like us is it only possible to enjoy it if we control it? I had to let go of the control to get what I wanted. I still sometimes get either controlling or insecure on some level and have to suggest, comment, or "thank her", thereby ending the incident and setting her back in her confidence. Once she agreed to go to a clothing optional hot springs I had to back off and let her go to a pool by herself and then let her have conversations with others (especially men) without having to be there to observe. Once I did that then it became fun for both of us. It's not like we don't talk about it. We don't talk about it before or during. And, I ask to see if it's OK if I do talk about it later. That way I get what I want and so does my wife. Now she loves to tell me about how good she feels and what the experience does for her self confidence, and also she shares details with me (without my asking). She admits (sometimes) that she likes to show off. I hope this helps, its my experience.

I would very much love it if my wife were to become an exhibitionist ... it would be a dream come true!! She certainly has the curves for it! During the summer I will often come home and find her wearing something revealing her incredible cleavage, but as soon as I point out to her how hot I think she is, she will go and cover up :(<br />
<br />
Well, enough about me .... great story! You rock :)

Great way of being, keep it up!

Wow I sure would'nt mind to know you so sexy please addme Thanks.

Love it! I wish my wife expose herself more often.

So how come . . . I ask her to show off and she says no. But a little wine in her at a party and three buttons come undone when she's near other men. Is she an exhibitionist but afraid what I'd think? Or do you think she would cheat on me?

the female side of nextime agrees with everyword

I love seeing the ex<x>pressions on guys faces when I walk by them but even more I love seeing my husbands ex<x>pression .The first time I did it I made it look like an accident,where I was wearing a shirt tied in a knot and the knot was slowly comming undone till it fell open and I pretended I did'nt notice it.really it was'nt a knot though it was just bunched a bit to look like a knot,I walked right through the place we were and picked up the phone and stood there talking on the phone with my **** in full display,then when I hungup I acted like I just discovered it,Tying it quickly and walking back to the table

This is a great article and hopefully it will inspire a whole generation of female exhibitions.

I wish I could follow you through the mall with my camera. While you were wearing your shortest skirt with out panties of course. I can visualize you going in Victoria's Secrets and picking out a sexy pair of crotchless panties and a lacy bra with the nipples cut out. Then you look around to see if anyone was watching....and head into the changing room. Leaving the door open a few inches. While getting naked you see me watching you out of the corner of your eye. And deliberately give me a hot show as I snap several pictures and stroke myself through my pants. Then you come out and go to the shoe store to get a pair of high heels to go with your new outfit. I try to get as close as I can without being too bold as you try on several pairs, By now, your ***** is glistening as you flash me several times. I shot off in my pants as I clicked more pictures. I only wish you could see them!

It is a bit like going to a nude beach for the first time it is a matter of plucking up the courage and then its what the heck I will just walk down the beach and go for a swim if I get too hard but usually my **** gets semi hard and dribbles precum which I wipe on my fingers and lick off.

I admire your frankness in expressing your feelings with a no holds barred attitude. I agree with your views and have been somewhat successful in getting my wife used to that style of thinking and acting.

you are incredible. thank you for the forum. I would love to see more woman get your attitude. My only advice to any ladiees who want to show off their womanhood, is always be safe. be aware of where you are at and your surrondings. <br />
I would love to start a school for ladies on teaseing and flashing in public. I so wish my wife would enjoy flashing while with me.

To mrscotland. All you can do is keep the compliments flowing, and maybe a little alchohol? BUT, don't push her, or get her TOO drunk, and then go too far, otherwise you will find she will blame you for taking advantage of her state, and be turned against what you would like. Just a little at a time, even to the point of the day after being a bit tipsy, sugesting that she did show a little, and that she got a great reception. Thanks for the compliment on my pics, and would love to read any specific thoughts you have on any of them in the comments. S.x

S, thanks for your ideas about exposing yourself. I too have a very conservative wife, she will let take photos of her but I have been unable to convince her to flash her boobs or *** to anyone. I know if she is drunk she will let loose and do things she would not normally do. It turns me on so much to imagine her flashing her body to strangers and even allowing a touch or two. I just fnd it so errotic and sexy, I compliment her all the time. Any suggestions or ideas. Oh, love your photos, you are one hot babe. I hope you will post more soon.

Hi sty247. I used to be like that, it took me a long time to pluck up the courage to make that first real "flash." Once I had though, and felt the pleasure of guys looking admiring, and wanting, it became like a drug. I appreciate how hard it can be, posibly to even suggest to her that she does it. Her first reaction may well be very negative. What you need to do is impress on her that you want her to do it because you are so proud of her, and keep heaping the compliments on her about how good she looks, how sexy she is, and keep at it, not just a compliment now and again. We women are suckers for compliments and attention! lol. S.x

Thank you for your comments. My wife is such a prude unless I get a little wine in her then she comes out of her shell. I sure wish she would show more of her beautiful body more often.

Anyone wish to add any thoughts or comments?