How Do U Prepare For Anal Sex?

I just wanted 2 know.... my boyfriend gos ape sh@t about anything 2 do with my as@!
I am always scared ill make a mess... What if u cant go 2 the loo before?
I am really anti scat, I enjoy anal but am always fearing ill make a mess... plz help
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I'm a guy nd I love my girlfriend inside me with her toys the shampoo bottle prep works good

I sometimes use an enema before anal, its kind of sexy knowing that I am going to get his **** in my arse afterwards. I also love it when he tells me he wants me to take a butt plug up my arse and wear it for awhile before being ******. And of course I do what Im told. yummmmy

damn idk what to say really im so hungry for some anal!

A shampoo bottle is fine for giving yourself an enema, I like to use a large bottle of water, maybe two. Sometimes you have to repeat to get it all out. That's especially nice to do to a woman if you're going to fist her ***.

Easy... go slow, relax, enema is very good, relax, lube, lube, lube, relax... Ask your lover to use butt plugs (small ones first) ... Get used to the feeling of getting something into your pretty behind... it will be very enjoyable after you get used to it. Also set your mind to it: there nothing wrong with anal sex. And about the mess: just clean up if it happens. (A good enema can prevent that easily).

yes... hadar is right... being told (or made) to wear one is sexier than doing it on your own... it is all about His putting it there.

Yes, butt plug is a huge turn on for both the wearer and for the partner.<br />
I love to be told to wear one, though...

some guys just LOVE the very fact that their girl is wearing a butt plug.... makes them horny as hell to know that we are feeling someting up the rear hole... plus it does make me all hot to have one there....

Butt plugs can be used to warm up your anal sphincter muscles before anal. Just like with any workout, it's a good idea to warm up any muscles your going to use beforehand to prevent pain or injury. If you insert a butt plug (or use a small vibrator) around 20 minutes before you are going to have anal sex you will be able to take your bf's **** more easily (although it doesn't sound like you had any problem in this regard) or you will be able to take bigger ob<x>jects in your ***.<br />
<br />
Just remember to start small, and if you're feeling nicely warmed up you can change to a bigger one after a few minutes...<br />
Alternatively, you could just wear one when you go out to give your bf a thrill...

Hey ppl thanx for the advise!!! <br />
I hatched a plan with a empty shampoo bottle, I fill it with luke warm water and hehe squeeze it up my *** LOL It kind of works. <br />
I was on my hands and knees, on top of my vibrator and my bf giving it to me from the back, He LOVED it , me 2 hehe felt like i was run over by a train!<br />
There was a little bit of a mess, as we finished.<br />
<br />
I have been thinking about butt plugs, can anyone tell me how to use them and what are they for?<br />
<br />
Is it just 2 loosen up ur ***?

Usually I feel when I am clean and safe. You need to know your body ... <br />
<br />
For example, don't do it if you feel you might have to go in the coming 1-2 hours, since anal sex, the stimulation, might cause you to want to go sooner, make you nervous and you will not enjoy.<br />
<br />
When I prepare, I know I will not eat several hours before, I will go and make sure I am clean deep inside, with plenty of soap. If I feel that I can't go, then sometimes a short 5 minutes stimuli around the anus will do the trick :)<br />
Enema is not a bad idea, but I know most people don't like it. <br />
<br />
Most important girl you should relax and enjoy, and if mess occurred just take it easy!<br />
<br />
Love H.

enema's aren't bad and after you get going with them, you actually look forward to clearing the path for fun.