The Best Anal Sex Ever ..

Yesterday began with me waking and feeling rather hornier than usual. My partner is usually up for sex but today i reached for the lube. I smothered his hard member with the lube and offered up my arsehole as he covered it in and around my hole. My anus is tight and needs him to open me up ..he does this with his fingers and out til i'm throbbing.

I was taking a bit of a risk as i usually prep with an enema and i usually have a rather healthy dump in the morning today was a slight risk but my arse was craving his hard *****. I got onto my knees and bent before him.. he pulls my cheeeks apart and i feel his hard **** playing around my hole. He tells me to bear down as if grunting out a hard turd and its so erotic as i feel my hole opening and winking. He pushes in and stays there ..allowing me to get used to the fullness ..god its good ..the intial sweet pain ..the urge to **** damn good. I can feel the wetness of my *****.. the hairs dripping *** as he reaches under me and tugs my swollen **** as he gently slides in and out of my tight brown starfish.

I *** quite quickly...gushing from my ***** ..i think i pee a little too..he builds up to his ****** as he thrusts deeper and deeper and releases his hot *** into my arse. ..pulling out and leaving me exposed and wide open ..raw and erotic.
His fingers play with hole ..waiting ... then it happens .. I let his *** fart and bubble out of my arse as he watches and i can feel my turds descend ..hes not ready yet to watch me

I head to the bathroom and again feel the sweet pain as a hard turd forces out of swollen hole ..splashing noisily ito the water as i fart out more *** perfect start to a Sunday
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6 Responses May 14, 2012

I adore the imagery of the turds and *** intermingling inside you before it all comes out.

sound fun and so erotic

So funny how the U.K.ers use "arse" and Americans use "***."

thats so ******* hot , anal winking is so erotic!

WOW! Amazing! I would love that to happen to me sometime.

that a lucky man