Anal In Public.

My boy friend loves to **** my *** ..we are having fun from last 7 months..He is very arrogant and possesive. we enjoyed all the posions but my faovorite is doggie.
He wanted to F*uck me in public he even tried to do so but i resisted....He never uses the lube for my ***..he is happy with my natural lubrication...I also never felt huge pain.
In public transport vehicle he has manged to insert his di*ck in my ***..but he could not able to complete his action, some how because of the crowd. I am preparing myself mentally for the se*x in public in future.

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6 Responses Jun 10, 2012

Ever stand up in a limo's sun roof ? Come to Denver and I'll give it to you in a limo...over and over and over.

How lovely... you are clearly his ****-toy. Beautiful

You are soooo awesome dear. And that guy is the luckiest in the world

Sex in public is so very stimulating and exciting. Oh yes namkp91 prepare yourself mentally for it and you will enjoy it immensely. I have done it many times with a particular single lady 8 years older than me who loves having sex outdoors and in public from ************, to being groped on public transport and lifting her dress or skirt over my **** while i **** her *****. Often she will ask me to stand behind her on crowded public transport and grope her *** and feel her panties underneath her dress then pull out my ****, slide it under her dress or skirt, usually flouncy syle for convenient access, and rub my **** against her silky nylon pantied ***. The feeling is simply electrifying as she pushes her *** back into my engorged ****. Our relationship is strictly confined to these sexy public outdoors exploits as this is all she specifically wants and needs to satisfy her fantasies and sexual urges. I am happy to accomodate her needs. She ******* more than i do as i must ensure her sexual desires are satisfied to ****** every time we go out together for this purpose. We see each other purely for these arrangements but talk on the phone alot about them to, and what we will do next time we go out. It is fabulous fun. Fontana

I hope you're able to complete it. I once had a girlfriend who didn't need anal lubrication either, it wqas just beautiful - panties lowered, cheeks spread a little, and bingo! paradise. It's so good to have your penis smell like the mix of ***** smell and the smell of your girl's rectum.

I love your Storys