I Love Anal So Much That I'm Interested In Both Ways

I am so taken with anal sex, the naughtiness of it and the pleasure derived from it. I was always into blowing people's minds sexually and anal play has always been a major part of it. Once you teach people how to properly clean and prepare it is incredible. I have never experienced such massive ******* as dual anal and vaginal, even though I am easily multi-orgasmic vaginally. I love to do it repeatedly so the task of getting my husband hard again quickly turned me into an anal aficionado. I learned that no one is resistant to oral anal once you work your way down there. My husband gets hard almost immediately and is then able to do me again. After about the 3rd or 4th time I am so overflowing with his *** that I am crazed with anal lust for him as well. My travels to his netherworld is no longer about obtaining his hardness but pleasuring him. I can get him off orally (tonguing him anally), fingering him with one, then two, and three fingers. Yes, that is 4 ******* by now from anal play only, pretty amazing and VERY HOT! I have never had my husband let go so much as when I do him anally. He says the same about me. I can let it fly verbally when getting f...ed anally. That is the only time I ever say words like that (with the exception of typing about it). By the time I finish my husband off with three fingers he is begging to do me again. I let him have me however he wants at this point. Normally he will use two and three fingers on me until I am screaming from the spasms and begging him to ram his penis in me. I want it ROUGH by now so no mamby pamby gentle sex, I want it slam bam wham pound jam stuff pull out and shove it back it as hard as possible. After that ****** I often want dual penetration or want to ram him. We either use a dual strap on on me or a toy on him. I have used the strap on on him but only wrapped around my leg, arm, chest, or a pole, chair leg, table leg, bed post, or something of that nature. I have never been able to wear it and do him. I can't get past the "having a penis" thing." I am not into gender RP at all. I would love to do it to him but I can't get past putting on a penal like device, it makes me feel so weird but it is a lot of fun having him hump my leg with the strap on going in and out of him. Pretty hot. He goes on and on and on about the strap on going in and out of me during DP and I fully understand where he is coming from. The sight of an anus getting stretched, pulling, tugging, and sucking on the toy is amazing!
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love you to look after me

VERY HOT Story... thanks for sharing....

Wow wow wow that's awesome :)

DAMN you sound like the perfect sex partner, I love orally pleasing and teasing and hot sweet clean *** and my wife has such mind blowing ******* from my tongue working it's way in and tongue ******* her ***. DAMN I'd love to meet people like you two for some play time just haven't had any luck finding people in my area that are open to new things and trying something new to see if you like it. Me I'll try just about anything once and if I like it go back for more and if not at least I tried it.

I love being bent over and getting a strap on from behind! Hot!!

This is amazing!! My women did me anally for the 1st time and about a week later I *********** with her toy!
I enjoyed it!

Wow, you are a very erotic and exotic woman. Can I play with you?

Great story!!!! We've posted anal pics!!!

I love anal, all things anal.

Damn you guys sound incredible

This is why I recommend being upfront prior to marriage about your sexual intentions down the road.

I love this story


I love being done in the arse too,most amazing ******* ever

yes Yes YES is IS!

Fabulous sweetie
Once you get over the wierdness, a feeldoe will give you amazing ******* at the same time...

A feeldoe... wow nice peice of equipment but how on earth does it stay in and how on earth can you get any leverage with it?

Stay in.... Good exercise for your pelvic floor muscles sweetie ;)
Leverage... You'd be surprised.
And the bullet vibe attachment will keep you smiling all the way.

i would love to participate in this awesome display of sexual satisfaction!

wow, seriously?

Ah, a kindred spirit!

Kindred Spirit? How so? Do tell....

I have a couple stories in this group, but sorry, too sleepy tonight to find them.

yes very nice stories - ty grrrrrrr