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My other half told me that he wanted to try anal. I'm a pretty flexible and out going girl. I figured we could try it. I failed horribly got his head in and that was it. I really started getting curious on how would it feel all in. I wanted to know if it would hurt the whole time it was in.
I got my toy out and played with it. Once again I couldn't get past the head. This started to frustrate me but I was kinda scared it was going to hurt. I finally got mad at myself for being so worried about something like this. I had enough I took a deep breathe when I exhaled I shoved it all the way in. Okay it didn't hurt but the initial pain of getting there. It kinda felt good so I practiced several days before I told him.
When we were having sex I took him out and put him in my anal. His eyes went wide and he picked up the pace. I realized then that I love anal sex. After we got finished he laid beside me and asked when I could do that. I told him how I had worked on it. He was amazed and we have been doing it ever since.
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I just love first time first "special sex" time, it took almost 45 minutes when me taking several trips to the bathroom thinking I need to have a movement one ever tells you about the intense pressure that simulates a bowel movement...also, a tip to those who haven't tried it....don't try to take on 9 inches your first time lol.....

I always love hearing these stories by women first learning the joys of anal. I've been doing it for 36 years, and my first boyfriend only took me anally the entire summer we dated.

About six months into my relationship with my husband, we stopped having vaginal sex for a full year.........and had only anal sex, more for me than for him. I got full control of my clitoris while he got full control of my sphincter muscle. I loved the feeling of having an empty vagina and a full we try to keep one stuffed with a ***** while he pounds the other.

When hoping for anal, I'll usually insert a butt plug the morning before, so my sphincter is ready for him that evening. I've gotten to the point where I can wear it all day, but only do it a few times each month. It makes his penetration much more enjoyable.