I Would Love An Anal *********

I have been having anal for the past year (ish), I just turned 18. It feels SO good. I would like to have a ********* with my boyfriend and another girl though. I would love to get on the side and have him fucck my as*shole while she gets her face in there and licks my cllit until i come in her pretty mouth, and then i'd let my boyfriend do her as*shole and i'd lick her cllit. I have a thing for big clits that protrude when she's turned on. I try to find **** where the girl have an o*rgasm from anal, but not the squirting kind. Because whenever my a*ss gets f*ucked, my p*ussy gets unbelievably wet.
I also like to have my boyfriend bend me over doggystyle, completely naked, get his c*ock lubed up and just shove it in there, and go really hard while i put a vibrator on my wet c*lit. also if he'd be really naughty and grab my hair so tight that I have to arch my back offering my a*ss to him more while he calls me names.. something along the lines of
"wow you f*ucking wh*ore, you just love having c*ck in your a*ss you little b*itch. you want your p*ussy to come with my c*ck in your a*sshole huh? you're so disgusting, what kind of s*lut wants to come all over the place from anal?" and then his family is in the next room and could walk in any minute so it makes it so suspenseful..

or if he just bent me over in a public place like a park and just f*uck my *** for anyone to see... so dirty i love it
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