Rear View In The Mirror

My lover and I were hooking up in the car and I told him I would take care of him that night because it wasn't a good "time of the month" for me. We both love my ******** so I was surprised when he kept touching my rear and really started poking around my *******. I had never done the anal thing, and was nervous at first, and just kept up the mouth work. When he pushed a single finger inside and whispered a desperate plea "please baby I need to be inside you" I relented. That first time his dicked pushed passed the outer ring really was a little awkward and uncomfortable, but after he was in and I adjusted, it was AMAZING. I felt a whole new series of sensations...and it was a whole body climax. It definately brought us closer, he holds me tighter, covers me with his body, and he always calls out my name during his climax. I am hooked. We don't do it too often. It is our special thing and we both Love it! Wow.
jjpanaljoy jjpanaljoy
46-50, F
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

glad to hear always nice to hear about ladies enjoying anal i think it is all the **** that makes it look bad or guys just shoving it and ramming as harder as they can the 1st time that puts girls off it oh well nice post

Thanks for reading. I am glad to find a place to positively express our experiences and learn from each other.

very true anyway glad you and your lover enjoy it be happy hun