Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night

Night before last, I was awakened by a craving..........one I hadn't had in awhile but its not new by any means. It's been coming to me for years.

Sometimes I just need my *** stuffed.

My husband was sleeping peacefully to my left, and though he might have enjoyed me waking him up, on-demand erections aren't always easy to come by at our age. I needed my *** stuffed and I needed it now.

That's why I alway keep a butt plug beside my bed, along with a tube of lube. I stepped quietly into the bathroom and lubed up my ***, easily sliding the plug inside. When my *** wakes up hungry for a stuffing, the plug slides in easily; I didn't even gasp when I pushed the bulb past my sphincter.

Now comfortably plugged, I slipped back into bed and stroked myself until I was soaking the sheets, but not to the point of ******.......I wanted to be ready when my husband awakened.

Two and half hours later at 5:00 am I couldn't take it any longer, I reached over and my touched my husband's penis, now rock hard with morning wood. I stuck my head under the covers and began sucking on his ****. My ***** and my *** were both slick with anticipation.

As he often does when I'm sucking his ****, he reached around behind me to plunge his fingers into my rectum, and grasped the flange of the buttplug instead.

"You want a double stuffing?" he asked.

"Oh, yes!" I mumbled, my mouth still full of ****.

He rolled out of bed and grabbed me by my feet, pulling my *** right to the edge of the bed Standing on the floor, he put my feet on his shoulders and slid the butt plug in and out of my *** several times, making me gasp louder each time. The he began beating my **** with his throbbing ****, using it like a little baseball bat on my dripping *****. Finally he shoved it in between my labia and began ramming me like barbarians at the gate, our bald pubic mounds slapping loudly together.

Just as I was ready to come, he jerked the plug from my ***, and shoved his **** in its place, and shot his load all up in my rectum, just like I hoped he would nearly three hours earlier.

'Now that I did what you wanted," he said, "I want you to do something for me."

"What's that?"

"Wear the butt plug all day." Like he really has to ask.

"I will if you will!"

We went shopping all day, had lunch with friends, and visited with my daughter and her family for awhile, both of us with our ***** pleasantly stuffed, my ***** dripping and his **** rock hard most of the day. When we got home yesterday afternoon, and got our packages in the house, he pulled my sweater dress down off my shoulders, exposing my braless breasts, and lifted the back of my skirt, exposing my bare bottom.

He pushed my face down on the table and pulled the plug from my rectum and gave me a very pleasurable anal licking, before returning my plug to my ***. He then dropped his jeans and began pounding my dripping ***** once again while my plug stayed planted firmly in my ***.

It was an extraordinary day, to say the least. I love it when my rectum wakes me up. :-)
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4 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Such a mouth watering **** hardening story ! I thoroughly enjoyed your well written hot lusty story ! mmmmmmmmmmm

that story started off hot and just kept getting hotter, and my **** just kept getting harder and bigger

Its funny how this need comes and goes. I've been sleeping with the plug every night since then. One night I forgot it......too sleepy, and I woke up in the middle of the night, desperate to get my plug in. Now I can't seem to sleep without it!

I know the craving! Love to relax plugged in bed and wake up in the morning supple & ready for more! Thanx for beautiful story!

Great story about one of my favorite subjects...please add me as a friend!