It Was No Accident

I (wife in HSJWSCLE) had had sex with lots of guys and had explored my bisexuality as a teenager. Ever since I had explored my bi side with my girlfriends, I could tell that I wanted my ******* to be touched, licked or kissed, and that was when I was 14. It wasn't until I was having sex with boys (at 16) that I started to wonder what his **** would feel like in my ***. I had a boyfriend who had a very nice above average sized **** and I kept trying to get him to stick it in my ***. And no matter what I tried, I couldn't get him to do it. I was embarrassed to ask him to do it. I guess they didn't need to tap my *** because I would spread my legs so easy, and giving blow jobs was something I really enjoyed. So I kind of gave up on getting ****** in the *** until I started dating my husband when I was 21.

Once I started dating my husband, and I fell in love with him, I wanted to give him everything. That made me think that I might finally get it up my butt. However, I found out I was even more embarrassed to tell him I wanted his **** in my ***. Because I thought if the guys I didn't want to marry didn't want to stick it up my butt, then my husband wouldn't want to either.

So after we were dating awhile, we were having sex in my bedroom and my soon to be husband was really concerned about getting pregnant because he didn't know I was on the pill and we didn't have a condom. So I thought he wanted me to suck his **** but, that's not what he wanted. Finally for the first time, I had a guy who wanted to have anal sex with me and he asked me if he could stick it in my ***. I got so excited that my lips swelled to such a large size I thought something was wrong. I didn't even answer yes, I just said, how do you want me?. Of course, he told me to get on all fours. It was a fantasy come true. I bent over, my ***** dripping wet, he spit on my hole and put his very very firm **** into my ***. I immediately had an ****** as soon as I could feel the full length of his **** inside my butt hole. It felt like I was on fire. He came almost immediately and I orgasmed again with his *** shooting into my tight ***. Make no mistake about it, it hurt but, I loved the sensation.

I didn't tell my husband this for a long time but, I knew right at that moment that I was so glad it was him that got my *** for the first time. So you know how we all thought that we had to be pure for our husbands, well clearly that was not going to be the case when I got married. Even though I had been such a little *****, I found out that I was still able to give him something that no other boy had ever had.

Now he likes to ask me while he's banging my butthole, (20 year later), "how many dicks have you had in your ***?", "who's the only **** that's been in your ***"? I always say the same thing..."only yours baby!" I love how hard it makes his **** and he loves to hear me tell him that he's the only one that ****** his ***** in the ***.
HSJwscle HSJwscle
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Great story, loved it.

"Ever since I had explored my bi side with my girlfriends, I could tell that I wanted my ******* to be touched, licked or kissed"
Could you elaborate? How did bi sex with girls trigger ******* fixation? I assume they played, licked, touch your butthole. Is that a common bi play?