Anal Licking

I had a boyfriend lick my ... "back hole" once. and I absolutly loved it. he never tried to penitrate it. he just licked it. and he'd do it for hours. sometimes his tounge would go inside my hole back there. he'd wiggle it inside. I loved it. it was so nasty, but it felt so great.

anyway. we recently broke up. and... I tried stimulating myself with my hand. and it feels NOWHERE near as good as his tongue did. my finger can't compare to his tongue. I tried different lubes. heated, and others. nothing compares to his tongue. I got a new boyfriend. and I asked him to lick my .. bottom hole. but he refuses, in disgust. is there a toy that feels real close to a tongue?


somebody please help me, my email addy is

sandyfern sandyfern
26-30, F
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Add a response...I love to go deep as I can with my long tongue have a lady friend who loves it done

Call me

find another boy to kiss that *** - nothing compares, and there are lots of us who would love to kiss your ***!

mmmmm i just love tounge ******* hot little as holes, i wish i could be there to help you babe x

Any sensuous man would love to lick your anus. After licking it I would gently oil it and **** you raw...long, deep and slow. There is no greater sexual pleasure than ******* another human being in the *** or offering your ******* to his pleasure...

Anal sounds so good right now?

My wife uses a finger vibe when my tounge's not I'm there

I could use my tongue instead

my tongue is yours through yahoo

i looking for woman love sex anal

i can do that for you bb

Iv licked a girls bumhole and loved it! I then wanked myself and coverd her bum in my ***.

I love going down on a girl and eventually slipping down to their tight little hole. They always seem to get a bit freaked out if I spend time in that area. They are ok if it seems more accidental than direct attention on that spot. I'd love a women that let me put them face down and lick away.

Your boyfriend is a fool for not licking your *** dump him and find one that will

Agreed! ^

Keep your *** clean, and stay in shape. There will be men lining up to do you.

I don't want you to end up in a relationship where you do not get the satisfaction you deserve. I think if your current boyfriend does not want to , respect that, but if you desire it, you need to consider getting back out there and finding someone who truly is more into pleasing you and your needs. I as a lover would be glad to do what ever my partner would like for me to do, but to me that is part of the adventure.

Just gonna have to get new guy w/ good tongue! That loves to lick your *** for hours...I would be interested Lol.

I love licking a girls bumhole, fingering her ***** & bum at sametime. I like my bum licked and fingered too.

Can't blame your boyfriend if in his mind he associates your anus with ****. Maybe it shows that your smells are not that compatible, but humankind is complicated, and sometimes you give up something because he offers other interesting points. My current wife never sucks, which I find terrible, but I still love her.. and we've done so much together that I wouldn't leave her tomorrow just to get blown! On the other hand, she loves it when I spread her cheeks and lick her anus...and we've had great times at anal sex!

get a new bf kick any guy that won't lick your anus to the curb.

i would be your toy anyday

Yes yes yes any guy who won't do this is crazy. I would lick you for as long as you want. Me and the other two guys could trade off and on. That would be hot to please you!!!

i wish to be your bf and lick your ******* i enjoy it alot

I'll donate my tongue as your toy

I love both giving and receiving anal licking but not a lot of girls are into giving anal licking...sigh I had girls who love receiving it but hated giving it which i thought was a bit selfish!

I enjoy doing that . its a real turn on for all involved

Hello sandyfern,it might sound nasty if I tell you that I can lick your *** all night long, and insert my tounge deeper (almost the whole of it) in your butt untill you get the satisfaction desired,a trail will convince you

Too bad I am no longer single and could take on two of you guys doing this.

do love ******* a girl love her all fours bent over as i kiss her cheeks then tease her star with my tongue

it feeeeelllsssss sooooooo goooddddd

Oh my goodness yes, Yes, YES! Anal tonguing is so AMAZing! I have never met a person who after receiving isn't putty in my hands, :)

I love watching anal sex and ******* in ****,but never do it for real sadly,but love the idea of women that like it.

You can get us to do just about anything during and afterwards, you might want to think about giving it a shot. I get so uninhibited.

Give what a shot sex,the only sex I can get is with myself,but I think about doing it with women all the time.

There should be clubs devoted entirely to celebrating the buttocks and the anus, male or female. I each region there would be one, so when travelling you would know that you could go there and safely take your panties off to have your backdoor and buns celebrated by clean, enthusiastic friends. We could call this the Ring of the Purple Lotus.

The trouble is these clubs would only work for people already in relationships.

do you know of a club to join for anal sex?

I'd love to! Maybe we should create one...

that sounds so sad

can i do it for you,i like it

would love to help you out

My favorite a tounge in my ***
While ******* a hot girl Chicks anuses are so yummy
Love the ******* 69. Please add me

not sure if there is just wanted to say as you can guess a lot of guys enjoy ******* a girl licking her star it is dirty and kinnky but oh so hot anyway hope you find your toy

try a sqweel ;) its a tongue oral sex simulator x x

Love *******!

I would lick your back hole as long as you want it. I really like it! And i very like the sens of women's sphincter compress on my tongue. I want put my tongue in your hole as deep, as i can! It's so exciting! It makes my **** hard as bat!

It would be nice to see what this beautiful ******* looks like...

My wife hates it as she says it causes disease! As a doc, she might be right!!!

Looks like your wife is not only no fun, but she probably isn't a doctor! Any doctor would know that the anus can be as clean, if not more, as any body part - and that there are less bacteria in an anus that in a mouth, for instance.

Perhaps, but wikipedia confirms her fears :-)

As a slave i often get to lick a Lady's 'back hole', as You call it. i love it. i was still a youngster, maybe 18 or 19, the first time a Lady did it to me. It was fantastic. i could not believe the sensations. i almost shot my load there and then. It is amazing that people will refuse to pleasure another based purely on preconceived notions. i say give it a try. You may end up loving it.

I would love to lick and suck your butt hole, it's so hot and nasty!

I want my tongue in your backhole,LOVE doing it!

This is a huge turn on for me. I love licking my wife's back hole. When I first started doing this she was very reluctant so I only ventured down when she had some wine that night. Now she is crazy for it too and really has strong ******* when I do this and roll her c*** and play with her. She has told me she wont lick me, bummer, but has started playing with my back door. Just bought her some latex gloves for her to finger me. Hope it happens when I get home next week. <br />
<br />
As for your problem. Just ask your man to do this. I am sure he will if you are just open and honest.

Yes, I know were you can get a tongue toy. Right here! Message me and we can hook up. I'll take care of your anus and anal canal.<br />
<br />

I will gladly be your toy

Change boyfriends. If he can't lick your back hole he's not for you.

I wish i were your bf. I would have kept licking your back hole non-stop because i love it.

I like licking back hole to much. when tongue in back hole than i satisfied.

I wish i were your bf. I would have kept licking your back hole non-stop because i love it.

where do you live, i can do it for , no stings attached.

I love nasty and I love licking my women back there. you need a different boyfriend to make your desires come true.

Find another boy friend that will satisfy your desires.

MMMMM great story you need to find a man that loves to lick.

why use a toy when my tongue will do the job

I too love licking a nice butt.Especially after I hae eaten your vaj and made you ***.

well Christine i can only think of one other way to get close to that sensation! but judging by your email you may already know! add me and we'll discuss what i hope to be true!

cmere and let me try you out sweetie. My hard 8incher will do the trick. Plus ill devour your tasty ***** too!

yes you take my tanguo to do that for you honey

Damn! Why does that have to happen? Someone complaining of what she likes, and here we are, a full stampede of candidates dying to satisfy for those needs! Your new boyfriend is missing big time that it is so rewarding, maybe he will try it provided that you convince him that you are really clean, and to give you a try.

yeah baby. my toungue or use my **** forever!

i im willing to doit for you ;)

Don't know of anything to replace the real thing. <br />
Would of course be willing to help

Good luck with that, but even though artificial accessories try, usually they can't consistenly top the real thing.

the best toy would be.. my tongue of course!! :) i could eat your *** for hours yumm yumm

you must taste good.. yum

I would gladly help you...used to do that for my ex she is married but still either misses me or my tongue in her ***

Same thing happened to my fomer gf her husband wont do it for her now she is tryingto get with me....but am now married...what do we do?

I would lick your bum hole any time.

I'm not sure there is anything that can replicate that feeling. All I do know is that I do that for my wife and she loves it as well

I'm not sure there is anything that can replicate that feeling. All I do know is that I do that for my wife and she loves it as well

I'm not sure there is anything that can replicate that feeling. All I do know is that I do that for my wife and she loves it as well

hmmm...sure I would like to help you..add me on yahoo...and read my hot *** ******* story

u dont realise what u loose until u ve lost it

i would luv 2 lick it

should have stayed with the old boyfriend. HEHE<br />
<br />
LOVE Samantha