I am just found out my friend likes girls too but am inexperienced this way; the whole idea is exciting me and I am wanting to try it and share the moment with another girl. I hope one gorgeous woman seduces me soon!
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So want to hear from ya girl...let me know what I can do. Be Sweet...Danielle

I'd luv to hear from you and share more exps and fantasies...8D

I'd luv to hear from you and share more exps and fantasies...8D

I Think you really have a chance with your friend. Friends are a good start because you know you two already click. Im the same way. Ive always been with guys but there is something that just tells me i kinda want to be with a women. Ive felt this for years but never persude it. idk if its being shy or afraid, who knows. But dont do what ive done :) definetly go for it! I know if i was there id seduce you baby doll... repeatedly... lol <3

Oh, or you know, you could try that, but with a different woman. Go to a gay bar! Teehee.

This is the same friend that wanted to practice kissing? :) If so, and she was all over you, I think she's into you! Even though you want a woman to seduce you, I don't think it hurts for you to make a few moves of your own first to give her the hint. Ask her to go out with you (you two are friends so this shouldn't be weird), and like, when you talk to her, look deep into her eyes, and giggle close to her face, and put your hand on her thigh.... Get up in her business, lol<3