Seductive Desires

I would love for a woman to just find me and start kissing me all over and flow from there. I'm in a relationship with a man and he doesn't know I have these feelings. I am to shy to approach a woman and there are no gay clubs where I live. What to do?
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6 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Add me?

Plenty of fish. Start there. Plenty of girls willing to help out :D

I'm been feeling the same way, and the most part that attracts me is ***** grinding. But to scare for it too.

Me too but shopping a warm smile and a chat might work for me. Thanks what great advice

Try craigslist or find someone here who is willing to travel to visit you... i meet women on craigslist and I've also gone to visit women... actually, quite exciting... of course i have a lot of frequent flyer miles built up from work.

Sounds like a winner!

I completely understand what you mean. I want to **** a woman so bad but don't know where to start.

I am in the same situation :( have past experiences but not the last 8 years. married now bt really want to be with a woman sexually again.