One Man

At the end of a long day all I crave, all I truly desire, all I really want is one man to share my passion, one man to share my love, one man to share my lust, one man to hold me within his masculine embrace, one man to kiss my lips, one man to caress my most intimate parts, and one man to make me feel without a doubt that I am the one woman.  That man is you.

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Aww thank you.

Thanks for the comments!

just awesome!!!

I refer to him as the SGT. He comes here sometimes and plays with us although he is very busy at work and doesn't come here as much as he once did.

I am very glad that you have found a good friend that you can and do trust.

But my question, who is the lucky man that you will share your life with?

Thanks y;all

AzuWish! :)

That's what every woman wants that one guy that makes you feel special

nicely spoken.You are lucky you already had him. How i wish I would be lucky as you are.The man I am dreaming of is not yet by my side although he said he wanted me as much as iI wanted him.

That person doesn't sound like they love you at all. I hope you find one that is loving and kind.

thanks. I've been reading some of your write ups and I am enjoying it... keep up..

thank you. I love to write. A lot of my posts are for my man so they are pretty hot.

I am already satisfies vr but thank you for offering.

i'll definatly setisfy u.

I hope your forever is full of love joy and peace. and that you days see the same love as you give, ten times over.

Sayed, That is news to me. I hope you find a woman that will love you like I love him.<br />
<br />
Myah., It makes it sooooo hot, doesn't it?<br />
<br />
58s, thank you.

you are the queen you get to have it your way. enjoy your man in all his habits.

thank u iam happy that iam ur man

I am the lucky one. He is cursed because he has to put up with me for the rest of his life.

like I said!hehhee I think you both are!!!

LUUUCCKY!!! gahhhhh!

Awww thanks.

AWESOME!! Just totally AWESOME!!

Oh I have him. I just hope I get my forever with him.

Thats Honest hope you get him, am surely gona make her get me waiting

Thank you Per se. I appreciate you reading them and commenting. You are a sweetheart.