Nearly Sexless Marraige

When my hubby and I first got married he went out of his way to make sure I was happy (in the sex department).  Then everything changed on my 21st birthday when I discovered and told my hubby that although we had a 6 month old girl, I was pregnant.  He was enraged that night, he never touched me (not while he was mad and not to hurt me), but he did yell and scream and make me feel like a *****.  Ever since the only time I get sex is when I initiate it.  I suffer from bipolar and PTSD, so for me to initiate sex I have to be VERY desperate. So the sex no matter how great simply causes more problems than it solves because I go into anger/depressive mode because I feel like all he wants is a maid and babysitter (we have a total of 3 kids, all accidents a.k.a. birth control failures, the first two being 15 ½ months apart with the third being nearly 3 years later).
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

Oh, Sweetheart, Children are not accidents. THE LORD HIMSELF Started each of their heart beats inside of you, and Personally decided what HE Wanted each of them to look like. There has never been a duplicate of any of your babies that there never will be again as far as we know. You Did Nothing Wrong by having your husbands children and continuing his and his forefathers' Lineage. GOD gave each of your children their first breaths and has continued to issue them life and breath one moment at a time, one day at a time from the moment that they were born. It's hard enough to deal with the pressures of having a psychological issue, and having to feel a lack of love and emotional support makes it even more difficult. I recently told my husband this, and I hope that you pray for THE LORD'S WILL to be Done and for Wisdom- I told my husband that I'm not his maid, slave, etc. I'm his Helpmate. That is what Woman was Created to be for Man, a Helpmate and companion. Sometimes Wives have to be a role model for their Husbands, and he needs to see you Praising GOD for your children and treating your children like GOD Given Blessings. Continue to treat him right and fair, know this: You can't give love and support, and have it not come back to you. Eventually, you will receive what you have given. GOD Bless you.