I really really miss having them. Don't worry, I'm not thinking of getting pregnant, but I am getting to the point that just seeing a baby makes me go "awww". I had always planned on having a big family, but that's yet another thing I've had to give up. I had planned on having a second when my son turned 5 and he's seven.

I miss cuddling a baby, I miss that smell they have after their bath, I miss rocking them, I miss feeding them.

I just can't justify bringing another person into this and would feel entirely selfish if I did.
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Typically the people who can't justify bringing a child into this world are usually the people that this world needs to have children. They are the ones who want to see a better world, and could leave as their legacy a generation of children capable of affecting the changes the world needs.

I know exactly what you are saying! My kids are now teens and in college. Which means the pregancy scares I have are well.....(ARGHHHHH). I miss the smell of babies, and would love to be around them again. Just none that I am related too.

camping that is brilliant, the thought came to mind 22yrs down the rd your son will most likely want to take his mum on the same camping trip with grand kid i think next gen doesnt sound so old, enjoy your time camping , also i dont think i find crying of my own as anyoing as that of others ,

I try to focus on the positives: my son's old enough that we can just get in the car and go and be gone all day without lugging diaper bags and stopping every 5 minutes to change diapers and feed. We're going camping soon and that would be much more difficult with a baby.<br />
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Volunteering with kids is a good idea. Maybe a few weeks of hearing the crying will get rid of the longing.

OMG. I am SO totally with you guys on this! Look. Here's what you do. GET A SCOUT TROOP! Over a decade later, all the tiny scouts I got at 5 and 6 are all grown up and I swear I feel as if they belong to me as much as their parents. <br />
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You get all the satisfaction of high-fiving them, hugging them, getting little cards made for you, seeing them "catch on" to new skills and learning from mistakes -- without the responsibility of having to live w/'em! :-) <br />
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kids. Gotta luv 'em!

I understand the longing. I decided that I didn't want a second child for various reasons and am quite set on that. However, when I see babies nowadays, there is a pang of longing! The soft bodies nestling against me, the baby smell, etc.<br />
At that point, I focus on the other side of it - crying, midnight feedings, puking, cleaning, crying some more, months of sleeplessness...puts me right off having another baby! LOL<br />
The upside to my situation is that there is ABSOLUTELY no need for birth control! LOL