I Believe In Helping Others.. ;))

Hello friends!!
First of all I'm not interested to talk with male friends!! so guys sorry ;)
I have seen & read many stories about unsatisfied women and really feel very sad for them.
So I decided to help them..;) if you're are one of them, you can contact me. I'm not a proffessional and don't want to earn money. I'm just trying to make you happy & satisfied as well as myself ;)  you can write to me on 'nash_vbn at hot mail dot com'.. I'm around Delhi.
note- please be honest & sincere with me as I'm not a proffessional so don't want to be cheated by anyone!! If you're really a needy woman, you can contact me!!  have a happy night ;)

lovemenowifwant lovemenowifwant
22-25, M
3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

OP, you give Indians a bad name!!!!! SICK!<br />
Are you so incompetent that you can't find a girl of your own and have to resort to this?????<br />
And YOU don't want to be cheated??????<br />
I'm a needy woman alright! I NEED to smack you over the head.<br />
Barthameez!!! Khud ko kya samajtha hai?

guys you should think as the needy women!! think dreaming yourself like those women who really need such a helpful person!! ;))

But Pat, he's such a giving person. It's not like there could possibly be anything in this arrangement for him. Google Riyaz Shaikh. I think this guy's related.