I'm Enjoying This...

My fantasy is making my reality a much nicer place to be in.

I wake up and sign in.. in hope you've left me a message,
not always but so what?
the unexpected is more exciting.

you tease and play with me,
I am in control - then you are.
we are well matched and you make me
sexually and emotionally satisfied

you are like my favourite meal
I want to eat every last crumb of you then
lick my plate.

...and then go back for seconds giggle.
I want to be filled by you.
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1 Response Feb 25, 2012

I feel the same way about a woman on here but there comes a time when playing on here is not good enough anymore and you want to experience it for real!! That is the step i'm at right now i want to be able to touch and hold her in my arms just hope someday it will happen!!