My Husband Won't Even Touch Me

My husband pocket called me on our cell phone account that we share while he was having phone sex on a throw away phone he had bought at Walmart. He said it only had been going on for 6 weeks and he knew it was wrong and he was done with it . He wanted to do whatever took to save our marriage. This was in November and we have made love about 3 times since then. I can walk right in front of him naked and nothing. I have a tracker on his phone and a remote recorder in his truck so I know there is no one else. To make matters worse he stopped taking his Diabetes medication which can decrease the libido . He is 10 years my senior . I Have not let myself go and consider myself to still be very attractive and sensual. I just don't get it, no really no pun intended I don't understand him.
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A very familiar scenario... Could it be one of the partner had been manipulative or controlling before? Reflect back and try to decipher. The past could have come to haunt you. If you had been withholding or denying your man the conjugal before, this behaviour could probably explain why your man has no interest in you. yOU GOT TO FIGURE A WAY TO REACH out to HIS HEART AND WIN HIM OVER AGAIN AND PROM IS HIM never to be cruel again. Am just speculating and not accusing you. From my own experience, that

be cool dear tension na le

I would like to talk with you more about this. Let me know if your interested.

time to ditch this walk by naked and he not notice? time to go find a man with a full functioning unit......................and straight.

I am sorry, I can imagine how you feel. I too was in a similar situation, for 6 years my H would not touch me- hugs like a friend, but no sex ever. I'm sorry, it does not get better. And hounding him, following him does not help. Try the suggestions above, and when your done, move on to someone who can appreciate you instead of wasting your time, energy and youth with someone who doesn't. Harsh, I know, but I was stupid enough to spend 10 yrs with a man hoping it would change, I was 25 when I got into this like an idealist. You can't fix someone, they fix themselves. Helping is not the same as doing it for them. Good Luck!

try wearing sexy sandals with a 4 inch heel. men love womens feet.

WOW walking in front of him naked and he pays no attention?! He needs help!!!!! My wife won't even let me see her boobs ...... seeing her naked would be a real treat.

diabetes meds = a limp ****.<br />
you should be well aware of that. he probably feels why bother, it isn'tgonna stay hard....<br />
if your man can no longer cut the mustard the least that he can do is....lick the jar.<br />
have you tried toys? is he willing to "work" with you? is he a good hubby in other aspects of the marriage?<br />
have you taken a "ride on the side?"<br />
there are option out there for you....<br />
Good Luck to you,

I am in the exact same situation, it is just reversed. I feel terribly for you, I have tried everything as well, and I am stumped. I have gone to great lengths to "fix" it: romantic getaways, romantic dinners, hugging for no reason, kissing for no reason, walking by her and tracing my fingers on her.....the worst for me was about 5 years ago, I stopped trying and what is even worse.....she didn't notice!! I am sorry, I didn't answer your question.

I am sorry, I don't know what to say or how to fix it for you. That is a terrible way to live, day in and day out, I just don't know what the answer is....or maybe I do and I am afraid to do it.

this is the sexless for women board y'all...........

im very sorry to here i have a question though for sophia333 would that work in reverse i man playing hard to get because she has no drive to be intiment we have a wounder full life together with a lot of love but when we do get close i feel its only for me

That's sad. I am sorry for you.