Tired Of My Sexless Marriage..plz Help!

I've been married for 5 years and we have a 4 y.o. together. We have sex about 4-5 times a year. I don't know why my husband won't get intimate with me. He would only massage my chest at night and that's as far as it goes. He did go to the doctor 4.5 years ago to get meds for his erection problem but he complained that it was too strong. I tried to get him to go back for a lower dose but he never did. I've been trying to get him to go again but he won't. He realizes that we don't have sex a lot and blames me for not wanting it. How can I want it at 2-4 AM?! He won't have it during the day or evening when I want it. He gets a little intimate during my period. I'm like great timing don't you think? He's always on the computer playing his games until late into the night. I feel neglected and watch TV or be on my computer. I'm so tired of this relationship that I'm contemplating on cheating on him. I need and want to have sex--good sex. Please help..I don't know what to do:(
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I was surprised to find that an affair made my marriage and its lack of emotional intimacy intolerable. I had thought it might be satisfying, and a supplement to marriage but the shortfalls In the marriage became glaringly clear. Not necessarily a bad thing but a major upheaval. Was in sexless marriage for 20 years ...keep your eye on the calendar if its not getting better. An affair may make if clear

Thank you for your advice...I'm not sure if I can find courage to explore right now. Still struggling..you might be right though.
So sorry you had to deal with it for 20 years.