How Not To Be Horny, Need Help.

So I am an overly sexually active person, one thing that my soon to be Ex husband don't like about me. So I was just wondering how not to be horny all the time so the next relationship I get into I won't have this problem ever again. I love sex and my husband thats all :( and no i have not cheated on my husband when i want sex badly. :( so any advice on this one? Anyone know how to control themselves from being horny? He said he doesnt like to have sex when we first met. So hes leaving me for not going to the movies with him, but I have kids to watch.. so i guess its the sex part he hates. (I DO ALL THE WORK) so yeah how do i stop myself or control from being horny?
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do not shut off your desires an needs nothing wrong with wanting sex it is a normal thing it is a connection between two people sex is beautiful thing

im having the same exact problem....I don't get it...thought guys were supposed to like sex....never thought girls would be the ones enjoying sex more than the guy....I guess there is no way of changing him so I will have to leave and find a better match that likes sex as much as I do

I say rock it like you own it all!! Toys are a wonderful thing to help when a man is not willing. They take the edge off. And don't be is a natural thing. you may think you are oversxd but really, you're not. it seems that way because you don't have a regular healthy outlet. Your next mate will be more for you because you know what you want and need and what you don't want.
Good luck.

Don't stop wanting sex. For your next partner, find someone who can match your sex and wants to enjoy as much as you do him.

I'm similar but I'm a guy. I LOVE sex, everything kind, any time. I too had this thought cross my mind. How can I kill my sex drive but after a brief moment of this thought I say phuck that. I like sex. I like being horny, I like the emotional and physical feelings it brings. I'm not going to change. If my wife won't show me what I'm looking for I guess I'll just ********** and deal with the other thoughts on my own.

What's different for you is that your husband KNEW what he was marrying, I think my wife did too but as the years passed, I think I'm wanting more contact.....emotional and physical. I feel like I'm the last thing on her list at the end of the day though. If you wanna chat, message me somehow....... I'm just needing some advice at this point. Preferably from a woman.

There is hope and help available for the both of you. Referring to your ex, there are many factors to both situations. Seeking someone who will take you to the limit or who'll last longer than 2 mins is probable.

However there is no perfect relationship and if you're happy in one or two or three areas there'll be other areas that you need each other, understanding, compromise, love, especially prayer and practical exercises to work through.

Studies have proven sexual promiscuity stems from abuse, low esteem, no father figure in home and a multiplicity of other issues including foul and perverse/lust spiritual.

FREEDOM stems from wanting to be set free which begins with Jesus Christ. How do you start over and with a clean slate, repentance. God I need help with self control and help to not touching myself and help to not slander my ex for not pleasing like would've liked.

God help me to think things which are pure and a good report in Jesus name. Also Father heal me emotionally, psychologically, touch me deep with Lord areas I know not, open my eyes to deeper areas that affects my lineage and allow your Blood to restore, heal, resurrect hope and joy in me again in Jesus name, Amen.


he lost faith, im keeping mine, is it a sin that i lust after my own husband>?
n thank u god bless

I read your story and I was amazed. My hubby is just like you, craves all the time, and I do not. I most of the time could careless, wish I had your guys drive. I too would like to know how to handle this issue.

i need to get rid of it lol idk how the hell i end up with this drive

I've been involved with women in your situation. The husband has lost his sex drive and the wives have told them that they are going to get some no-strings satisfaction. A few times, the husbands have contacted me and arranged me meeting her but usually it's the lady that somehow manged to find me. So.. when you start your next relationship, give fair warning early in the relationship. Tell him, "keep me satisfied or be understanding that someone else will!"..

Nice way to put it :) i will so do that. :)

you will find partner who understand your needs and makes you happy.

I hope to find him in the near future :) thank u

i guess life is a self concerned pattern..nd is way 2 short tan we its better u go 4 ur feelings...nd stop caring 4 others...cause u came 2 the world alone...nd ur gonna leave let the glory days in between be fulfilled by ur ones gotta a rite 2 question u!!

i hope you do xx