Sexless For All Reasons

My husband and I have had sex 3 times since we have been married....

And it's not for the reasons many people think.

The main reason IS because I married the wrong guy, and I have never found him attractive.

But more than that, he is a pathological liar and I can't handle it. He lies to me regularly, he with holds information from me that is vital to our marriage, it ends up leaving me resentful towards and I find myself taking my wedding rings off at work, hoping one of the attractive men with ask me out, or even just grab me and drag me into the closet and take me.

I must be a horrible wife, but is it really me? It takes 2 to get to this point.
Wreckingball12 Wreckingball12
22-25, F
4 Responses Sep 22, 2013

pretend for a moment that you are an observer in your relationship. What if you had a daughter and she was in this marriage. What would you share with her..What advice would you give her.. I know it is a comfort zone you are in but you can make new comfort zones. When you are ready to stand up and treat yourself with respect and honor you will be able to speak to your husband in a friendly way and end your ties with him as it is obviously not working from any angle. Good luck in finding your voice and speaking up and setting yourself free.

hello wreckingball12 you look very pretty in your profile picture if I had someone like you it would be different you would feel happy an joyfull as I treat woman with a lot of respect and listen and tend to some off there needs

Then why did you get married?

Why are you choosing to stay married to a pathological liar whom you also find unattractive? What are you getting out of this situation? You have other options in your life. Why stick with this unappealing path?