Against a Brick Wall

I'm 55 years old and my husband is 59.  We've been married over 16 months now and have had sex about seven times.  Some of those were just "attempts" if you get the drift.

Unfortunately, there are multiple problems with our relationship that cannot be solved.  1) He walks around nude all the time showing off what he doesn't have (His penis is very small).  2) He has high blood pressure and an erection is always iffy at best.  The biggest problem is he doesn't believe he has a problem here! 3) He is uncircumcized and that, along with his size, is not attractive to me.  4) He is not an initiator.  He expects me to be the aggressor and even when I have, it took forever to get him aroused.  By the time anything happened, I just wasn't "into it." 5) He suffers from an intermittant yeast infection that he had before we met and it is severe when it occurs.  Yes another reason to abstain!

The situation seems hopeless.  We had not had sex before marriage so I had no idea.  I've been married before and our sexual relationship was fantastic.  

Don't get me wrong.  I love him and we get along very well, but I desperately miss intimacy.  I'm afraid our "marriage" won't survive in the long run. 

Let's just say...  disappointed in AZ. 

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You're old enough to know that you're not too far into this...and you're old enough to know that love just ain't enough... If I knew where you were in Arizona, I might be able to suggest a nice road where you can hide the body. (Just kidding) <br />
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I sympathize. Now try it on for 42 and he's 62 and hasn't been able to "do it" since I was in my *early* 30's. God, what am I still doing here?

You will resent him until you can take no more