Do you think that if a man is coming up with excuses to not have sex: I'm really tired from work and just want to cuddle, I don't feel good, let's watch tv (knowing they will fall asleep). Is that normal??It seems to me that they may be getting it from somewhere else. Or is it a myth that guys want sex all the time?
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Sounds like he is cheating

Sounds like my husband.....

Not really a myth but guys wanna have sex all the time with different women. Next... Sorry to hear that you are going through this ordeal but why does the first question have to be "is he getting some somewhere else" instead of is there some I or we can do to improve "our" sexual experience? Maybe pop in a **** or masturebate in front of him. I'm happily married going on 3yrs and been together 12 and take it from me if you don't talk and make changes you will certainly fail in this relationship. Good luck and many blessings!

Hormonally, all about testosterone levels. When they're high, he is interested. The same as also true for women. Testosterone drives libido in both genders. So does attitude.

Fear can also affect attitude. Fear of not performing well. Most likely, he satisfies his own needs on his own terms. Not a bad thing for him, but it is at your expense.

He may also be looking for something new… Are you open to offering him that? I'm not talking about another person, but something that will spice up the relationship.

Another possibility, is that his chemistry might be so out of balance, causing him to be physically tired and nor interested. This relates back frequently to testosterone.

Meet him at the door stark naked, and tell him "we need to talk…"

Wow... some of the responses are not very helpful. Its definitely 50/50 whether or not he is getting it somewhere else or not. Men are not necessarily horndogs all the time. It could also be the "I'm just not into you" thing. ************, passive aggressive, low T, gay who knows. If he won't communicate with you about it, then yoi have to decide if this is the relationship you want....

Agreed… He also might be very embarrassed about the way he is physically and/or emotionally feeling and is ashamed to talk about it.

I can suggest you only after seeing your figure ...Men mostly give up sex i they are bored with figure .. especially those who have more sex drives look for good figures where they can be satisfied extremely ...Its same with some of girls even ....Let me check your figurr and tell you exactly what went wrong with your hubby to get excuses always...!!! its not myth it fact ... what's your figure size especially boobs size must be big to get erotic .. even if a man tired from job he will get provoked by seeing nice figure boobs and so on....inbox me ur pics dear will let you know.

Not true. Totally not true.

Its true dear...!!

How do i know u have nice figure ur 50+ so noway u have good figure

Everyone is different. Some people have high sex drives, other low. It really doesn't have much to do with whether they're male or female.