I can do this right? I can walk away from a $150k plus income and 3 houses and maybe lose my business (that doesn't make any real money) and live on less than 50k and survive? Right? Because I want sex. And intimacy. And independence. I am strong enough, right?
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I would rather be happy in love than be rich and lovely but maybe I'm unusual who knows

Lonely that should say

I could do that. Having real love and intimacy means more to me than material goods. A house can't love you. $50k is enough to live comfortably on . Experiences bring more happiness than do material goods. When I realized I'd be happier living alone in a rented room than continuing to live in my dream house with my refuser, that's when I decided to divorce. A year after my divorce was final, I do not regret it! I'm happier now than I was with him.

Just have me on the side

my car i s 10 years old and im living on less then 24.000 a year ....and have no family or man or friends helping me out

It is hard to work up the courage...like being in a sexless marriage has effected or self image or esteem. I know the marriage is a bust...has been for years. I panic at the thought of seeking divorce. It is overwelming

I couldn't say this better.

Really makes you wonder doesn't it.