HELP! Don't Know Which Way to Turn????

I haven't had sex with husband for 13 months! Reasons mainly due to his non existant libido, and that I have now totally given up on 'begging' for it (because it was never good anyway!) Also his continuous penile thrush (or whatever it is) makes me physically SICK at the thought of sex with him EVER again! He SWEARS he's never cheated (& I believe him), as he doesn't have the 'ability'!

We have 2 young children which makes leaving him IMPOSSIBLE.

My dilema - What the hell am I supposed to do now and for the rest of my life? I can't see any light at the end of this sexless tunnel!  

I am just so very desperate! I am now considering all sorts!....

SecretLady1 SecretLady1
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Sorry to hear but i am sure you get this through one way or another - How old is ur husband ? and u ?<br />
is he under pressure for something ? Men react to these in a very different ways!

Kinda depends on how much you love him or not? The children are never a reason to stay EVER! if you stay just for them you will end up bitter and regretful, only stay if you still want to be with him forever. I was alone for the 1st 7 years of my daughters life and yes its hard but you get through, in fact being sexless and single was obviously better than being sexless and married! If you still love him then you have a problem, and welcome to this sad life of ours that is the "sexless marriage" and for this I have no advice, I have bought a packet of condoms but at moment have no plans to use them because I do not think I could bear to cheat on him, if he found out it would kill him but they are in my handbag anyway. Stupid question coming....but is he aware theres a problem? and if so how does he feel about you going "out for some" I only ask because I am thinking if these men really do not want the "chore" of having sex with their wives surely they should be grateful if we can find some other muppet to do their dirty work for them?????? Heres hoping eh?