Whats Up, Or Not Up?

I met my husband 4 years ago, we lived together for 3 and recently married. I thought getting married would take his mind off of his lack of interest in having sex. I was wrong... Its been 18 months since he touched me. After we were married I told him I wanted to get our sex life back, we even got the little yellow pills for him to try. But he wasnt even interested enough to try.

I am 5 years older than him, my third marriage his second,  not a good way to start. I am a very romantic, passionate woman. I dont even get the kisses like I used to. A peck on the lips before we go to work or to say goodnight, thats it. 

I need more, I need to have that closeness again. We dont have children together, we work opposite shifts, we dont have days off together. We dont even sleep in the same bed most of the time.

We dont have any glue.

I am afraid this wont last.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

I can relate to a lot of your post. My husband and I work opposite schedules so he can be at home with our boys while I work during the day. I think that really contributes to our problem, and I think his seasonal depression just compounds it. I can't imagine 18 months though..I am going crazy after only 2 weeks!<br />
We do have "glue" though, so I at least have faith that we will make it through this slump. I guess you really need to sit him down and try to get to the root of the issue and come up with some solutions. There may be some issues that you are not aware of that is making the situation worse. Have you considered counseling?