So after spending so much time alone, lonely and frustrated, I started smoking again about 5 months ago. After quitting for 7 years. I have kept it from my H since he traveled so much. Now he has been home from travel for weeks and he finally put it together. He went in my purse this morning and found my cigarettes. He put them on the coffee table for me to see this morning. After a brief, unsatisfying convo (for both of us), he gave silent treatment for hours. He had to leave for airport this afternoon, but before he left he was strangely (for him) trying to be affectionate. He sat on the couch next me and put his arms around my shoulder, then hugged and kissed me (with tongue!) before he left. WTH??!!
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1 Response Aug 25, 2014

Ok ur 45 dont u have kids...!!


so sad ... that's the reason ur alone ...what's life is this still 45 no kids and if u hve now also no use ...!!

Where ur from?