More Common Then Not..

I think a lot of people are in loveless marriages sadly. I know that I was married for what would have been 18 years feb 28th of this year. I tried making excuses for why my eyes and heart wondered. But I could not avoid the truth. We had a beautiful daughter and for her dad and mom not being togther was unthinkable. The sad thing is that people stay in relationships more often than not for they're children and because changing is to hard to do. Because being with someone in the bed at night beats being alone. I know that my ex and I never had the chemistry in the bedroom that we needed and that is one of the ways a couple needs to communicate. But I was finding that when you do not communicate in one way, many times that translates in to other problem areas. Now I am with someone who lives in another state and we are not able to touch the way we would like too. But in many ways, we are closer than my ex and I ever were. Its hard to admit that you are not compatible with someone. But sometimes we have to face that fact, and make the changes in our life that is best for each other.

markjenluv markjenluv
46-50, M
Feb 25, 2010