How Often Would You Want To Make Love?

If all were right and healthy how often would you want to curl your toes?   I believe the answers to what is sexless and "normal" will vary quite a bit.  Maybe I am wrong.

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11 Responses Mar 4, 2010

well Madam Robinson maybe you should push your partner a bit more...?

Every morning and every night...just like brushing your teeth. My body needs it!

2-3 times per night

you better get fresh meat!

Here's my thought....I think because we are deprived of it, it becomes more important than ever. I do know that, having lived through my current situation, if I'm ever in the position to have the choice I would NEVER refuse unless I was physically ill!<br />
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I would also make damn sure that we made time for it! So many of my friends say they never have time for their partners....I say, buy a diary and prioritise what's important!

I'd welcome it as often and as frequently as two humans can manage.

hi!<br />
some husbands are simply gay and they hide it.

I miss sex too. The intimacy of it. I've been with my husband for 4 years. We've probably had sex 10 times and at least 6 of those times was under pressure from me. No more 'mercy' sex for me. I use to be quite good at sex and I enjoyed it. Now I just feel rejected and worthless. I love my husband but resent him for holding out on me with sex. He won't even address the problem. I am depressed and at a loss as what to do.

Me? Yes, really. I love sex. I miss sex.


All the time.

i dont really know, men may want it a little more than once a week, women a little less, do you have a preference?