Its Good, Its Great.. So Why Arent We Doing It?

Hi everyone. I created this group because it seems like everything correlating to being sexless involves marriage or being with someone for a long time and losing the spark. Well thats not the case for me and I'm sure im not the only one.

For starters I am 19, James is 27 and before we go any further I have to mention we have only been together 10 months. Less than a year. To add to this I am now 9i months pregnant.
Now I know right there that raises a few hairs, it could be the age difference or the pregnancy. But its not and some days I wish it were because if there were a black and white simple answer like that at least itd be easy to understand. The bittersweet truth however is we get along great. He stepped up to the plate instantly we both are excited we talk about the baby all the time, hes been to every dr.s appointment, hes a great provider we have the room all set up, we live in a great apartment with no problems its well furnished, we dont argue about money. Then as far as the age difference goes hello what man doesnt love having a younger woman around? I clean, he cooks. He may forget on a daily basis where the hamper is but thats about the fist of it.

I know sounds great and it is. Dont get me wrong I know theres a million people who would kill to be able to say all that about their relationship and I am eternally grateful for it all but now lets get to the negative...

James tells me everyday how beautiful I am, how sexy I look pregnant and encourages me when I am frustrated about how I look reminding me that I will soon not have rhis 30 extra pounds pertruding from my other wise 120 pound figure. But with the sex we are not having its hard to believe no matter how genuinely he says it.

We have talked about it, he blames being tired ir stressed but ive expressed several times that I have needs, ive tried complying with his complaints on the subject, ive yelled about it, ive written calm letters explaining my feelings, if i work my *** off gettibg him worked up then sometimes he will comply but with men as we women know far too well the less sex they have the quicker they go off. By the time he gets his release I am just getting into it then theres no reciprocation theres apolagies followed by snoring and thats the end of it. I cant sleep because Im up frustrated sexually, resentful because he knows how I feel and can still alsleep like a baby, sad which can often lead to hours of on and off sobbing because even though I got nothing out of it its still a while of"intimacy" if you wanna call it that we other wise wouldnt have had, and infuriated because i did the work and then still have to turn to the vibrator whom ive been in an exclusive i timate relationship for several minths now.

Im at a loss we are both young and havent been together that long weve talked every way a person can and its all for not. Things arent going ti get easier for us in this department with the baby and I feel hopeless and alone
Seeminglyperfect Seeminglyperfect
Dec 13, 2012