Just shameful angst or whatever,
I really see myself physically as a monster. Some kind of werewolf like Thing. I hate myself of what I am, just a decrepit hairy monkey skeleton. But deep down, I am something more inside, I am feminine. I always saw women & girls as what it made sense. Not what I really am of a "man". No one likes me, I don't like me. What is wrong?! Why am I this Creature? My mind is far from anything physical.
Just angers me So much!!
Where is the zipper on this meatbag?!!
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3 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Correct, Snoopy! <br />
@Chloroform: There are many things for you to do. There are shavers to get rid of your "werewolf-thing", there is make-up to make your facial skin smooth, there is eye shadow, eye liner to make your eyes shine like a girl your age, there are clothes, if you put them on correctly, that will make your jaws drop when you look in the mirror. And last but not least there is an attitute you can change toward yourself and let the girl out. Acceptance is the first thing you need to work on. You will get it step by step, as you will accept it more each time you find out a little trick to make yourself appear more feminine.<br />
Go for it and finally enjoy your unique sexuality. I love mine today and I tell you what: I never, ever want to miss it again. I see it even as a gift; it helps me to never get bored, as I can work on my body and appearance for hours or days. And the positive results make me happy and all excited!!

Not at all. Don't hate but just start loving yourself. Hatret isn't bringing you nowhere, but the love and the feeling for your own body. If you are female in your mind you cannot fight it, but you gotta start living it out. THAT'S what's going to make you happy.

*hugs*<br />
<br />
It will be ok. You aren't a monster.