Love Feeling Feminine

I really love to feel feminine and imagine finding a girl who will pamper me as her girlfriend and dress me pretty and teach how to do things with her as a girl. I so much identify with feminine thoughts and feelings - I'd love to wear dresses and panties every day and sleep as a woman in lovely nighties with my girlfriend. It would be so wonderful to experience my feminity to its fullest with another woman.
LauraRS LauraRS
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6 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Love your writing and understand your feelings. It's tough to have everything that we want out of life but the reality comes in always pursueing what we want. Some of us will be fortunate enough to suceed.

I know how you feel. Find a woman, who accept us, spend some girly time, its so wonderful. Few years ago, I broke up with my ex, but we maintain a good relationship, and now sometimes we spend some girly time together...

I hope I'm a man sleep with you and your marriage

There are many of us on EP who feel the same.

I understand your feelings. Fully.<br />
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Thanks for sharing them.

Hi Laura,<br />
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Your thoughts here reveal that we are kindred spirits in so many ways.<br />
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