My Wedding

I met my future wife through my husband and then lover. They were cousins, and from what i heard they had sex once when they were younger. She was a lesbian, and a married lesbian for that matter, yet she was very feminine like me. As i was bisexual previously i felt a slight attraction for her that soon turned into passion. I realized i had fallen madly in love with her. We would often catch up and talk but i was feeling weirdly due to my attraction towards her. Then one night when my husband was missing i confessed my love to her and we kissed passionately in the mouth. We never talked about it however until that summer we went on vacation together along with my husband and her wife, and when they had gone to buy some food we kissed again and that time we consummated by making love. We were frequently meeting and became lovers ever since. Until my husband and her wife eventually found out. This led to our divorces and after that a few weeks ago we got married.
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1 Response May 22, 2012

im sure it was a very mutual understanding and im sure everyone is happy and that what make life so bearable and full of enthusiasm.