“I don’t think my prince will ever come,” sighed the aging Rapunzel, her red-rimmed eyes glistening with tears.


I have lived in my tower, apart from all humanity, for over 50 years. No one knows, or even suspects, that I am here. I need to talk to somebody outside of my own imagination. I need to be myself now and then when I don’t have to play the game and be the person that the world sees. I’ve done this before. Almost every night for over two years in an on-line virtual reality game my “Rapunzel” came out – making friends, shopping, dancing, enjoying herself, being herself... I miss my virtual girl friends and my “Rapunzel” is miserable back in her tower.

I found EP looking for someplace I could be myself again and form friendships as a female, without the worry of being ‘discovered’. If this turns out not to be that place, my “Rapunzel” has learned to survive in her tower. She will not thrive there, of course, but she will not die either.

JamieM JamieM
Jul 17, 2010