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Hey guys its Autumn and recently i have been thinking more and more and ive realized that i to are in the wrong body. This first occured to me when i was 12 and put on my step sisters panties and jeans for the first time as a dare from a friend. Anyways i am 15 now and im considering saving up my money to try to get a sex change when im older. The only 2 things holding me back is telling my father and the fact that i dont know the pros and cons of sex change, please comment if you have any tips

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Begin seeing a counselor/therapist as soon as you can, to help you along your way. It's a necessary first step in transitioning.
Do your best in school, working towards college, and a career that will allow you to transition on the job. Some girls begin their transition in school, so that may be a possibility as well.
Stay healthy and happy, knowing who you really are.

Fabulous sweetie

I have traveled this path the last year or so, I just went full time 5 weeks ago when my name change became legally changed. Read my featured story and the comments to it then message me with any questions you may have. I'm well connected to transgender support resources all over the US and some other counties as well. Hugs. Be true to yourself, the rest will love you for being whole.