Una Mujer That Can Cook ;D

I have fell in love with cooking sense i was a toddler i use to play with my cooking set, and then when i was 6 i started by making omelets on Saturday mornings for my family and i would get my cousin and sisters up to help me set the dinning room kinda like my imaginary restaurant and i would serve my omelets.Then from there My grandparents owned a restaurant that was popular and a popular bakery as well, I grew up surrounded by the restaurant and the bakery and every afternoon i would go to the kitchens to try to learn from the cooks and bakers, I always helped around and learned the secrets that they had :) now I moved to the U.S and I still love to cook, I am a good at decorating cakes and I have certificates and one of my dreams is to one day open a restaurant or a cafe, I also want to become a chef, i can cook really good, but i want the tittle of chef. When ever people try my food they smile and they love it, and that is what is my favorite part of the process. I am in a really young age and I can make many things, but I have also had a lot of experience, out of all of my friends here I am the only one who can cook, I would love to meet someone who is my age and can cook as well, because my other friends try, but give up and I want to cook with someone that knows and doesn't just use the microwave or drive thru,and also too so we can share ideas techniques and have a blast! SOOO as you can tell I absolutely love to cook, I love to hear of new recipes techniques and share ideas, I also love to decorate so if you like it too hit me up so we can start sharing ideas! :)
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Jul 5, 2012