Enjoy Seeing My Husband Wearing Panties

My husband enjoys wearing panties and I love seeing him wearing panties. Satin panties is his favorite and also my favorite type of panties. They are so shiny, smooth, silky and look so sexy and I know he enjoys seeing them stretched tight against my *** and I enjoy seeing his front stretching tight against the fabric. We go shopping often together for new panties and I have had many conversations with sales girls about men in panties and almost all of them perk up and want to know more about it and some even said they wished there man would be playful and put on some panties. I have also talked with many woman over the years, including my girlfriends, friends I have met online and also other couples into panties, all seem to be intrigued by the idea of a guy wearing panties. More and more woman are becoming more open minded both in what they enjoy and what there partner enjoys. I think it helps that I am talking to them about men wearing panties rather than a guy just coming up to them and talking about it, since its coming from another woman they are curious and want to know all the details about why I enjoy it, you would be surprised at just how personal they get and ask questions but its fine because it actually turns me on them asking such personal questions about my husband in panties. So maybe in my own way I am helping other woman understand why men enjoy wearing panties, hopefully I am helping so that other men will be able to enjoy wearing with and in front of there wife or girlfriend. My husband cannot even began to express how grateful he is that he can wear panties in front of me. Lots of men wear panties and woman are realizing why they enjoy it so much, but still many man go on wearing panties in secret as telling a woman you wear panties can be very nerve racking thing. Simple advice would be to take your time telling her, drop hints, be playful about it, bring it up while you are both in the heat of passion as most woman are open to explore more during a time when they are turned on. I can tell you there are more woman out there than you think that would enjoy seeing a man wearing panties. Check out our profile for more about us.
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My wife allowed me to wear her panties after my request about a year ago. It is a tremendous turn on for me. She says I look very sexy in them. Before we go out to dinner I walk to her with the panties and she slips them on me and that immediately gets me aroused. My wife and I made love nine days in a row when she first allowed me to wear her panties. We both love it.

It was me who convinced my hubby to wear my panties and G-strings. I love to see his fully or semi erect rod, very often out of small silky undergarment. It is so sexy. Rozinapark.

i wear panties and bra

I love having sex with both my wife and me wearing panties. The passion explodes for us. Whenever my wife and I talk about it she gets this sexy grin. A husband wearing panties wants more sex, is willing to do anything for his wife, and is far more patient. I didn't believe that until my wife asked me to wear panties. It is true. We went from two or three times a week to five or six.

I also love seeing my man in panties and other lingerie. I have talked to many women about it and once you show them how open you are and explain it, most become very curious. I have even had my husband show some how sexy it is to see him in panties.We both wear thongs.

Nothing sexier than both being dressed up in soft silky satin, its such a turn on. Rules in my house now are that my husband has to wear them to bed every night.......let the fun commence

I cant agree with you more. I am actually the one who got my BF to start wearing panties as a joke and I loves the sight of him in them and he couldnt believe how great they felt. He now has over 150 pair. My fav on him is a thong and Im lucky because that is what he preferes. He works in law enforcment in a high stress position and had told me many times how good it feels to let his manly side disapear for awhile. It took awhile but he now only wears panties, even at work. I liked it so much that now I also have him wearing other lingerie and the other day we bought him his first dress. I have talked to many women about it and I agree most are very reseptive to the idea of men in panties.

You sound like my GF who is now my wife. My wearing sexy lingerie and womens clothes has brought us closer together. She claims she probably wouldn't have married me if I didn't ... and I believe her.

I love wearing my wifes panties I shud duck n use dem 4 a year and a half. I feel so comfortable in dem n I dnt know hw my wifes feels abt it because she doesn't seem 2 happy wid me wearing dem. I wear her panties 247 especially the ones she's takes off in the morning I steal dem and smell dem n wear dem n off 2 work. I love wearing her panties especially wen dey *** off her body n I wear dem I feel it brings us close n make us more love. My wifes panties are so sexy by seein dem only its a turn on

Hu .... ! I think I know what you are saying, but I am not sure. Please clearify.

You are wonderful steam. How I am envying such people. I am not gay, I am not Bi, but I love nylon panties and I am wearing them 24/7 . My wife lets me it, but is never helping me with it. If she shared this passion with me, it would be miraculously. Still I am happy that I not have to be in hiding.

My wife is very open with her women friends about me wearing panties. Quite a few are curious about it and have tried to get their hubbys or BFs to wear panties regularly. Several have succeeded in that. We have even had lingerie parties at our home with both women, men, teenage girls and boys modeling lingerie.

Sounds like something my wife and I do ... except not with teens.

Good for you ... the two of you and what you said sound a lot like my wife and me. Yes she enjoys seeing me in very sexy panties as well as with wearing other items of feminine lingerie and it turns her on. Of course there are those that think we are not only wierd, but perverts ... but I wonder if this is something they think because they think this is what others would want them to think, or because they haven't ever experienced it? I have talked with several of my wife's and my women friends about this very thing, males wearing panties, and either they thought it was great, being turned on by it, or they admitted they certainly were open to the idea.

im a guy that lves crossdressing and would love to meet a woman like you, im bi and if you have any friends that would like to meet me please get in touch. im very broad minded. thank you

amazing!! some are just utterly turned off by that fact. I can't tell if it's encroaching on what they perceive and believe to be "their turf" or if they just can't get over the stereotypes.