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In His Wedding Dress

Well we finally did it. I was the one who swore I would never get married again but we finally did it. Here is how it all happened.

We were watching one of those reality shows on TV where the Bride to be turns into a real *****. For some crazy reason I sat there picturing my BF in a beautiful wedding dress. Now this was a stretch because I have only recently gotten him to wear nighties and other lingerie. He enjoys the panties but has been reluctant to try more. Well, I mentioned to him that I thought he would look good in a wedding dress. He looked at me with a very serious look and says; "I have asked you to marry me several times and you keep saying no, if you will marry me I will get married wearing a wedding dress.

I cant believe it but I said yes and we quickly started palnning our wedding. Girls it can be done in two weeks. First I called a Las Vegas wedding chappel to see if they would marry us with him dressed and I was told they had done it many times. Next we needed to find him a wedding dress. We spent three days shopping when we just happen to drive by a shop that sold new and old cloths. We decided to drop in and the woman was great. She had a bridal section and had about 2 dozen wedding dresses. I told her what we were doing and she thought it would be fun to help us. She then admitted that her husband was a cross dresser and that is what encouraged her to open the shop. Dave was beet red at first be didnt take long and he was into what was happening.

First we had to find what he was wearing under the wedding dress. She had a very sexy white lacy bra and thong panty set that he looked so good in that I wanted to have sex with him right then and there. The shop had nice big dressing rooms and a place with lots of mirrors to see yourself in the outfit. She encouraged him to come out and show us how the bra and panties fit and he did.she then found a matching garter belt and nylons and that only added to how sexy he looked. We tried high heels and he couldnt walk in them so we found a pair of flats.

She then found a beautiful wedding dress. it took about half an hour to get him all in it with all of the buttons down the back. It was floor length with about a 6ft train. the front was lacy to the neck and the sleeves came down and covered the back of his hands. At first he found it strange to walk awith the hoops filling the dress. He looked fabulous. The vail went to the middle of his back.

Next we needed to find him a wig. I am a red head so we decided we would also make him a red head. I was getting more excited with each day. Dave insisted that he wanted to get me a ring so that was next on my list. We found me a beautiful ring and that gave me another crazy Idea. I still have me old wedding ring so I dug it out and had it sized to fit him. Since he was going to be in the dress, I rented a tux.

We have two couples that are gay so we invited them and they were excited to be part of it and one of the guys knew a few more couple that lived in Las Vegas and all were invited.

We had so much to take with us that we drove to Vegas. We got a room at Ceasers Palace. I had a wedding presant for him that he jhadnt seen. A very sexy teddy for our wedding night and another surprise that Ill mention in just a little bit.

We got checked in at around 3 pm and our wedding was scheduled for 10 the next night. We met all the new friends over drinks and dinner. There were both men and women and one of the menin the male couples was also a crossdresser and told us he was going to come to the wedding dressed.

I am usually the last one out of bed but the next morning I was up and mving early. Since a wedding is supposed to be the Brides day I kissed Dave and told him to get more sleep and I was going to be gone about and hour. What I didnt tell him is that during the night I had gotten this crazy Idea that being it was Las Vegas I was sure that there was someone in town who could help make Dave more passable with a better job of makeup and hair than I could do. I was right and all I had to do was ask at the front desk and they gave me a number to call.

I called the number and got ahold of Tracy. She told me she was looking forward to the job and needed 2 hours. I booked her for 7 that night. She arrived early because she was excited about doing it and told us if we allowed before and after photoes to use in her portfolio she would do it for free. We agreed but only if we really like the end results.

Tracy did such a good job that I would not have recognised Dave and he looked totally a woman. We got him dressed and then I got my tux on. Everyone was going to meet us at the chappel. The chappel sent a limo to pick us up at 9:30. Dave was nervous as hell when he realized he was going to have to walk thru the Hotel dressed but as we were headed for the limo we were only getting congatulations about getting married

I actually laughed and so Did Dave at how strange it was trying to get in and out of the Limo in a hoop skirt. Lets just say that he wasnt very lady like and his panties are see thru. Everyone was so surprised at how great he looked.

The wedding actually had me crying. I was so happy to be his wife and so proud of him for accepting his fem side. He made a beautiful bride. The Hotel had set up a small reception room as a wedding presant to us. There was a small wedding cake and some food to nibble on and had a photographer take some pictures

Back in our room I gave him his wedding presant of the teddy.I helped him out of his dress and he went into the next room to put it on. He looked so sexy in it that I felt myself getting wet. Next I wanted to give him my next surprise. I left the room and when I walked back in I was wearing a small strap on *****.I was enjoying our switching rolls and I wanted to take it farther. I expected him to protest so but he smiled and kissed me and got on his knees and started sucking it like I suck him. The night was wild and sexy and mind blowing and had opened up more doors for us.
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This is just amazing for many of us

Wow I would love to see the wedding photo !

Congratulations and a blessed life to you both
It is my dream and I'm not ashamed to admit it
I'm experiencing so many emotions: I'm happy for you guys, I'm jealous as I want it for me and the man of my dreams, he can be free, open and have my unconditional support, I'm bent because no matter where I go or how I try, I cannot find a forum or a chat room or any place to meet, befriend, get to know, possibly fall in love with a man who wants to be dresses as a woman in public, who wears makeup and jewelry and has me there to wash his long, beautiful hair, then brush and coddle it and him to shining perfection, I've lived with this desire, knowing I've only been attracted to gay and bisexual men since I was twelve years old, I like men who are more feminine than I am, I'm truly happy for you and other couples who have found their dream and soulmate, I'm asking you and anyone else who reads this: PLEASE, if you know of a place I can go to further my dream and the dream of a man who is looking for a woman who will unconditionally support his dressing in women's clothes, wearing makeup, painted nails, jewelry and long hair (no wigs or hair pieces, if there is one thing I will not bend on, it is the man must have his own long hair, the longer, the better) I'm into "princessing" his needs to nurture his hair, skin, nails and teeth, I'm willing to be his personal dressing assistant, but don't get me wrong, I'm nobodies slave, I just know it's what I'd do for the man who is into what I'm into, I'm hopeful yet, but I'm worried it just may not happen and I won't settle for the straight guy or married life out of desperation, I'm celebrate, keeping myself virginous for the man who together with me, we can fulfill, captivate, help and understand and to almost bring to fullest utmost satisfaction, I say almost because to reach satisfaction leaves nothing to strive for, to come close, to cont'inue to strive makes for the most passionate, excitingly beautiful love making experience, yeah, it's been a while, but I remember it well
Again, congratulations and many, many years of love and happiness, health and vitality, I'm more happy that there are others out there like me than I am sad or hasn't happened for me yet, I'll keep praying and wanting and wishing...
Be well, safe, loving and happy, MarZDayZ...

I am very feminine, after three years of HRT. I am more woman than man.

I wanted to be friends.

I am so sorry that you havent found the man your looking for. I really feel very lucky to have found mine. I fell in love with him/her before the dressing started but I do enjoy iy so much. She dresses about 80% of the time now and has a wardrobe bigger than mine, the bithch, lol. You havent told me much about you to be able to help you find what you are looking for. I dont know where you are or anything about you other than you want to find someone like my husband. Feel free to contact me at and I have no problem is you contact my girl at We both look forward to hearing from you

Me and my girl friend got back together after things got distant between us for a while after I told her about me beeing trans . We have been talking a lot over the past month and a lot of things have come out. She said after dealing with some issues with her family and processing all that I have been telling her about me that she started evaluating herself. She confessed to me that she always wished that she had been born a boy instead of a girl. She said it really made her think about her life and us and believes that God has put us together for a reason. I joked and asked her tonight" So if we get married what will you wear ? ". She said " I don't know about you but I am wearing a tux, I have already done the dress thing and I dont want to do it again". I asked her " so what if I wore a wedding dress? ", and she said " I would love it if you wore a wedding dress". I told her that I was thinking about going on female hormones and that it would change some things like my chest and skin. She told me that she thinks I should do and that it would be good for me. She told me "you can change anything you want and be the girl you always wanted to be but your private parts, I want that for me so keep that lol"so I told her "its a deal lol".

That is Wonderful. The World needs t realize at Masculine Women paired with Feminine Men is "Natural". That is why some women are "Mannish"....while many men are 'Feminine"....I Wish you both the Best! Thanks for sharing!!!

What an absolutely amazing woman you are Brenda!
You and Dave are so very lucky to have each other!



What a.lucky bride to have a woman as loving, supportive and sensual Brenda. Thanks.for sharing.

That sounds so wonderful. Luck gurl to have you

Your story is fantastic. Love it

Sigh such a bright sexy lady who knows how to eat from all of life's fruits! You hot thang

I wish I could find such a woman. Good luck to you both and I hope you have many years of happiness.

Found her, right under my nose lol.

That's crazy. I'm a cross dresser also but here n Texas I can't find a women that will accept me n girl clothes. I never wore a dress or skirt but wear leggings and skinny jeans and bootcut jeans<br />
. But ya that is an amazing story. I love it.

Brenda, you are truly a treasure and your husband's life is so much richer for it. I am a man who one day hopes to meet a woman who loves my love for both male and female attire. I dream of the day I can share a commitment ceremony with a beautiful woman and both of us wearing ultra formal traditional wedding gowns and long veils. I know we both would be crying tears of joy.

You are a wonderful woman and your man is lucky to have you

What a heart warming story. I too wish to get totally dressed in a wedding dress. Good luck to you both, and, if there were more like you in the world, it would be a better place.

I agree with you, Jane. ;-) Thanks to my wife, with her understanding, support and encouragement, we have had some similar experiences. As for dressing in a wedding dress, I've never done that ... at our wedding my wife came up with the idea so we both wore matching lingerie under our traditional clothes. Not only did she and I know, but some of our special friends knew too and it still brings a smile to our faces.

OMG! That is SO romantic...if I wasn't laughing with joy for your two, I'd be crying. Your complete lack of fear over seeing your man's femme side comes through as the confident woman you are. He must LOVE the sexiness that comes from having such a well put together woman. I just LOVED your story. Please, accept my request for friendship :)

I was going to say your hubby was lucky. But no you both are very lucky. Huggzz

Great story

Great story, do you remember the name of the makeup artist you hired in las vegas?

This is how me and my girlfriend plan to get married, when we were talking about it she gently whispered that i could be the bride because she knew i would be happier and more.comfortable hehe awesome story!<3

very hot and sexy, he is lucky to have such caring

That is so wonderful! I would love to get married in a wedding dress!

Wow! What a lucky couple! Love the story. I have never cross dressed anywhere but private (my wife doesn't even know) but would do this scenario in a heartbeat! Thanks for sharing.

Getting married cross-gender presenting is very brave, especially since you two hadn't been going out crossdressed in public before. But you made the very best of it and as a result you had a TRUE wedding rather than some mockery of one. Even your emotions were fully engaged during and afterwards. Sometime in the future perhaps you might care to meet-up for a chat-outing (I do light drinking and like playing pool for a few ideas) and have no problem being taken as the girl I am now given I'm a girl full-time and in all ways for years (and I live fairly close to where you are, like 10-12 miles away). I also like age role-play and looking for some that might enjoy it and willing to keep it friendly and go slow. Anyway, a great wedding and apparently a bit of gender-play is just what the doctor ordered to get you two to finally tie the knot!

What an extremely lucky "bride"

I do, I do!!

So would I, in a heart beat.

congratulations he is a very lucky man

Crap! I read this three times already ! Lol

Hot babe awoooo!

Will you marry me?

Dream wedding

Mine to, since I was a kid.

Incredibly beautiful story wow

AAAHHHH marital bliss..............with all of the trimmings........yummy!

Wow, I never would have thought of anything like this. Great story!

Ha, how fun is that? Great story.

I loved this story. I would have loved it but the closest I got to that was wearing the main of honors dress in a wedding. But when I married I had to wear a tux. But that night was a different story. (See

You are AWESOME!!!!

glad to hear you enjoy your husband dressed as a girl so much! my Mistress enjoys me dressed, as well, and we frequently wear matching panties and nighties! So hot....!

Makes we wish we got married with hubby in a dress. Very hot Brenda.

Fabulous sweetie

Now that takes a lot of balls! Sorry, just had to say it. Proud of you both indeed.

i wish i cold find a women like u

That's terrific!!! I'm sure that both of you are glad that you did it that way

we are very glad we got married this way

It sounds like it!! Great!! How did you get into this? I'm curious. A lot of women are freaked out by it.

he lost a bet and being the manly man he is he had to wear a pair of panties all day. When I saw them on him I was turned on instantly and he liked how they felt and since then its just grown. I love us hacing matching bra and panties and now that he is retired it alot of fun wondering what sexy outfit he will have on when I get home from work

Wow that Is so cool, Like I sais before I hope I can find I woman like you. Great story.

WOW!! That's sooo cool!!! I'm glad you both discovered how fun it is for your man to wear lingerie!!!

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Hot! What a lucky bride he was

I have tried many things in bed but i couldn't do it as he did. Good job to both of you for going all the way. I have been on my knees many times with my wife wearing her 8 inch strap on or bent over for her and a few of her bi gf's. I once tried wearing panties and it ended up neither of us was that into it. As long as both of you are fine with it, i hope to hear more stories about it.

whatever makes you happy,and does not hurt anyone one else,i say, go right ahead

My husband is very masculine. Dont worry about what you look like. If you want to wear more than panties then do it. I know you will enjoy it. Live is to short not to enjoy it.

I love this. I'm so masculine (in body) that if I try tocross dress, I look like a bad joke. So I limit it to panties. But if I could pull it off, I'd love to do something like this. And I love it when women are into it.

Me to

All of that sounds really hot & sexy. Please write more sexy stories.

I am glad you like it. We are tring to come up with another wild crazy thing to do

That is hot!

Sounds like a great weekend we are trying to come up with something new to do publicly. He is really enjoying wearing lingerie now. A few nights ago we went for a ride on his Harly and he was wearing a camisol and skirt.

Awesome ... that ride on his Harley with him wearing a cami and skirt must have been fun!
You sound so much like my wife, Brenda, it is amazing. And it doesn't surprise me that now that you've got him wearing lingerie he is really enjoying it ... I do too. As for something new for you to get your hubby to do publicly, well no doubt, like my wife, you will figure out something fun, like you did with your wedding. I will be eager to hear ...

Awesome! When my wife and I got married we didn't quite as far as the two of you did. Instead we wore traditional wedding clothes, but underneath which some of our special friends also knew we were wearing matching lingerie. After the wedding as we were preparing to leave on our honeymoon my wife had brought along traveling outfits for both of us to change into ... both for women. Then when we got to where we were staying I brought in the suitcases, both which she had packed, and both were full, but there wasn't a single thing in either that was a mans. So we spent our time, including going around dressed as two women ... it was great!

Definitely Sara, very definitely a very wonderful honeymoon. Of course I knew from our dating that she wanted me to dress more and more, but what I didn't realize was how far into the feminine, with her support and encouragement, I would be going. But I love her and sharing the feminine together.