Panties don't necessarily have to be overly sexy. I have come to enjoy and prefer my men in Vanity Fair silky briefs with the little patch of lace on the sides. Cotton or nylon but i love a nice **** in panties:)
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I do not care much for lacy panties. I prefer smooth, silky nylon. I do like patterns and bright colors. Wanna friend me?

I can't say enough good about you julie35, We love women like you because we think that us men should be able to wear whatever our pantied butts like. Thank you and all the other women like you out there for your support, we need it. Panties forever.

love to meet you out while I had my panties on.

Hi julie35. I love wearing vanity fair panties with the lace on the sides. I have 24 pairs

I am crying at the edge of the bed wanting to be used and humiliated by you!!!!!

You make a very good point Julie, in that panties don't necessarily have to be overly sexy. For example the Vanity Fair silky briefs with a little aspect of lace on both sides i would find gorgeously sensual and they would arouse me more so than a transparent string bikini pantie. I love the soft sensuality exuded by silky nylon panties personally, as distinct from blatantly sexy brief see through panties, which of course do have their place and serve a particular purpose. I love the silky nylon pantie with full bottom cover so i can feel the nylon fabric encasing me fully. But each person to their own preference. Delighted Julie you prefer your men in Vanity Fair silky briefs and that you love a nice **** in panties. I love the feel of the silky nylon caressing my **** when i am wearing silky nylon panties. Nylon panties 24/7 for me. Fontana

I too wear panties and lingerie and high heels when at home. Like Gr8white wife and I wear matching lingerie when we we go out.

Cute ... my wife and I enjoy wearing matching lingerie too. We do it on certain days, each of us going to our seperate jobs but all day knowing what the other is wearing in the way of intimate wear ... makes for a hot time when we get home in the evening. ;-)

I wear panties & shave my legs for my woman. She loves it.

I wear panties & shave my legs for my woman. She loves it.

Doesn't surprise me that she loves it ... that is great!

I wear panties & shave my legs for my woman. She loves it.

I wear panties & shave my legs for my woman. She loves it.

I wear panties & shave my legs for my woman. She loves it.

It is always nice to hear from a woman that enjoys seeing her men in panties

Thanks for stating that panties don't have to be overly sexy. When I read to my wife your comment she agreed, saying the same thing.

Good for you, Julie, and good for your b/f too. My wife, when we were dating, often gave me little presents of lingerie, including panties, some sexy, but some were basic, solid colours with lace panels. Of course she insisted I wear panties full time and would do a "panty check" when we were together ... I never failed. Of course she enjoyed seeing me in all of them and still does.

I like to wear womens lingerie and want to do it more often! Could you add me, PLEASE!

I thought you might like that 'panty check' idea, Julie ... we both have had a lot of fun with it! But honestly I can't fail ... shortly after we were married my wife got rid of the last couple pairs of male undies I had, leaving me only panties to wear. She said they were just taking up space in my lingerie drawer and she was right. So all I have had ever since is lingerie to choose from. And yes I wear long nightgowns too ...

Yes I do in panties and bra. Our family doctor expects me to, always complementing my on the lingerie I am wear. The nurse has never commented, other than to say "put on the gown but leave your panties on and the doctor will be in shortly," but she smiles alot.

No doubt ... and who knows, maybe the nurses b/f is now wearing panties too! ;-)

Good for you Julie! I used to wear nothing but pantyhose, but my wife (while we were still dating) introduced me to nylons held up by a garter belt. She find it sexy (so do I) and prefers it, especially when I am wearing a matching lacy panty and bra set. She also says I have great legs ... and so have several other women as well.
So how many guys in your office have you got to wear nylons?

Bummer ... but maybe one of these days one or two of the guys will. Of course then maybe one or two of the guys in your office are already wearing nylons and you just having noticed it because their nylons are hidden by their long trowsers. Something fun to think about and keep a sharp eye out for, isn't it Julie? :-)

any knickers are lush but i have to admit i do love lacy see-through and i looovee thongs x

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