Started Too Young

When I was pretty young, I was involved with a much older man. He felt guilty about taking my virginity "in front" so he would .... put this thing, the head of his thing against my bottomhole and stroke himself off. Sometimes the tip would kind of slip in a bit, if things were wet enough. Ever since then, I has associated that kind of thing with physical pleasure, arousal and feeling very desired and desirable. Most of the time I'd rather do that than the other thing.
sarahcantstop sarahcantstop
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As a fan of good -nal sex, I acn totally relate, and I would love to be enjoying your tight -ss - may I please be your friend?

He just put the head against your ******* and jacked himself off? And he felt too guilty to pop your cherry? I'm not sure precisely what you mean by starting too young, but however old you were, he was doing it wrong.

I would think that feeling desired and desirable would be a constant state for you since you are undoubtedly both.

Thank you!

love to play with your ***

Let me play with that sweet *** of yours. Lick it, kiss it, put the head of my **** against it.

I definitely understand. I like to flick a female's **** or put a vibrator/***** up her ***** when ******* her *** hole. It feels sooo good!

hi pretty ♡
will u add me plzz ? :)

and i would love to play with that ***

Oh yes!!!

God I loved our convo's about how much we love getting our butts ******! It's so hard to find other women who are as addicted to getting their butt-holes pounded like us! I have been getting my butt destroyed since we last talked! All it seems like I have done is get my butt ****** and ****** and ******. God having a big duck in my nasty, slutty butt-hole is the most amazing feeling in the world!

Love your EP name and attitude. Please add me.

It's just heavenly!!!!

I think my tongue should play before my **** gets his chance. Besides, kissing *** makes me hard! Also, my tongue does a great job of re-lubing in the middle of a long *** ****.

Want to play?

Please add me.

It feels great with a member inside your *** and a toy inside your *****... so tight! ;)

Then you would love having my tongue probing your rosebud.

Very much!


I started getting my butt ****** VERY young as well. I had been getting my **** ****** for a couple months and the guy i was with (yes much older) told me I would be the hottest girl he had been with if i let him **** my I did. The first time hurt, but after that the feeling of a **** pounding my butt was just amazing. I have had guys who would only **** me in my butt, and I am completely fine with that!

Isn't it marvelous? So wicked and nasty!

God its so nasty to get your butt ****** but thats one of the reasons I love it! Every time I'm getting my butt pounded I just think of how dirty and slutty it is to let a **** **** me in my butt. A girl has to be truly nasty and slutty to be an anal ***** and I'm proud to be one ;)

Yes! I especially like it when he talks dirty to me when he rapes my *******, or pulls down my panties and ***** my *** in a semi-public place. I get so aroused just thinking about it!!!!

God getting my ******* butthole raped is soooo amazing! Just having a **** shoved in my butt and getting pounded until im bleeding. I also love getting my butthole pounded in semi public or parties, my **** is dripping wet just thinking about it!

Once my BF at the time ****** me in the *** in a closet at a party. He held one hand over my mouth to quiet me while he buried his big **** up my *** and squirted out a big load. Loved it!

I have had bf's just bend me over a couch at a party and start pounding my butt in front of everyone. You are so hot! Anal ***** like us are hard to come by would love to be getting my butt pounded with you by two guys them switching back and forth ;) And omg I'm craving a huuuge load of warm *** to be squirted deep in my butt its such a good feeling. Have a huge ***** 10 inches up my butt right now just ******* it so hard I needed it so bad!

Ever been butt-****** by a black guy? Imagine me naked on the patio being ***-raped and screaming "please **** my *** harder you ****** bastard!" I tend to lose control when I have **** in my butt.

I have been butt-****** so hard by huge black dicks to the point where they literally tore my butt apart! I love that thought of you! I have screamed things while getting my butt pounded by a black guy like "**** my ******* butt until it bleeds all over your huge ****** ****!" or "**** my butt you ******* ****** I want you to pound my butt so hard I don't ever **** right again!". I have no control when I have a **** in my butt either!

How did we get so addicted? Was it our early experiences? And do you like licking ********, too? I enjoy that. Very submissive.

I do think that it has some to do with the fact that we have been taking dicks in our butthole since we were quite young. The guy who first butt-****** me was also the first guy to **** my **** so I was addicted to his **** and I learned that anywhere he wanted to put his **** was where it was supposed to go, and once he was pounding my butt I learned that getting my butt ****** equaled pleasure. And I love licking buttholes! I don't just lick them though, I make out with buttholes. I slide my tongue in and out and around the butthole, french kissing it passionately! Are you one of those ladies, like I am, that has had their butt ****** so much that they can fist their own butt? My butt is sooooo loose and I can't remember the last day that I didn't pound my butt with my whole hand. I love how I can talk so dirty about getting my butt ****** with you!

I don't fist myself but I ************* my *** fairly often. I do love a **** or toy or finger or tongue up my *******. It's fun talking to a fellow anal sex addict!

You don't know any girls who love to be butt-****** deep and hard?

You would live it ... I know I adore a tongue in my tail.

not sure why, but it seemed like every brit girl i met when i worked in london and windsor a while back was young (20ish), luved older (45-50ish) american men, and they all totally wanted it deep n hard up the butt...

You were a lucky boy, then.

i was indeed... learned a lot from those brit girls too... and my tongue, fingers, 40 years of experience and 8+ inches are ready for all ur sweet tite holes when ur tongue and fingers are ready for mine...;)

You two girls sound hot talking about getting your butts reamed out! Please continue sharing these experiences as I think about you two.

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Oh I love anal .....but a lot of women have been taught that it is taboo...maybe their mothers were taught that by their mothers.....I always try for anal. Sometimes when I'm told no they will not even let you touch or caress their anus. If I can caress their anus then I will try to get it to relax a little ,try to insert my little finger and then if I have gotten them to relax it when I *** I withdraw from them and gently press against their relaxed anus and squirt my *** into her rectum. I have gotten reactions from. How dare you to OOOOH that felt good. Most of the time this at least start the conversation about when and if they would try anal sex.

Just the tip? Such a missed opportunity.

If you knew how young I was, you might not say that.

Nice story.

i would love to get to that bottom hole xx

where only a few men have gone before.

the few and the worthy...;)

I can understand that. Hope you are well.

Thank you.

That does sounds sensual...just the tip penetrating when you are very excited!

i would love to do you that way xx

Sarah your a girl after my own heart, I love anal sex and so does my wife. I think it is soooo damn hot to see a hot tight *** high in the air welcoming my **** in and you are so right that it is a very submissive position for a woman, I feel it's a way of a woman telling her lover that she is all his and she just wants to pleasure him in every way possible.

my grandfather told me, p=== is for eating, mouth and *** is for f*****

Nice grandpa! Older men are so smart!

Very interesting - thanks for sharing

excellent story... if i was in charge of you i'd have you wear a butt plug for days at a time.

Sounds uncomfortable .....or is that the point?

they can be lots of fun, as long as you're prepared properly. definitely recommended.

sounds really hot

Does sound like fun, doesn't it?

Research!<br />
<br />
It sounds like a fun kind of research... I'm sure I could learn a thing or two!<br />
<br />
And would love a research project like this with sarah! *S*

No, there was just amazed looks from everyone but my wife, who knew I wouldn't lie about it. I guess she was questioned more at work the following Monday. It was probably because the subject was so foreign to all of us and the girls really had no idea of how to ask me the questions they asked my wife.<br />
They also wanted to know how my wife felt about me ******* another woman even though it was in the ***. She told them that she would be pissed if I went back for more, but for "research" it was fine with her.

Dear sarahcantstop, enjoyed your story very much. It's lovely when a man knows full-well what a young girl most needs and sees to her getting it, before it's ruined as a concept by the social moral majority group that hate anything that's not straight missionary style pro-creative sorts of copulation. My Daddy loves taking the arse this way, and has it in constant training now to take anything he introduces in there. I'm progressively learning to like it. That's the only drawback to training me for him, as he enjoys the initial introduction to something new he can force me to do or do to me forcefully, and rather gets tired of it when it turns out that I've come to get used to it, or worse yet, to look forward to it. He's a bit of a sadist, really. Works out for me, though, as he's also taught me that I'm quite the little painslut actually. But even now, as he's taught me that every hole can basically be used the same way, I only look forward to it really because it means he'll be enjoying me as his submissive toy again. I like to endure and know I can take what Daddy wants to give me.<br />
<br />
And to Sir Greystreet, what an amazing addition to sarahcantstop's already great story. I do have one question, though not as to the validity of it, but rather, since the group seemed unable to accept the word of another without proof, since none went with you, according to your story, to corroborate it, how were you, or were you ever asked to prove how you knew that she liked anal?

My wives were really NOT into it, but one of my first wife's co-workers started telling several of us at a bar late in the afternoon that she loved it. I don't recall how many of us were there, but I was the only male in the group. There were 3 or 4 other women including my wife. This gal was the first to leave and the rest of us were commenting on what she had revealed and most thought she was just flat out lying about it. I think it was my wife who suggested that I follow her home and see if she wanted me to **** her in the ***. It isn't anything I had ever longed for, but was up for the challenge and told them to wait at the bar until I got back. I wasn't far behind her and rang her doorbell. She had mentioned that her husband was out of town on a business trip, so I was not afraid of telling her straight out why I had come to see her. She had this smirk on her face when I told her I didn't believe her and she would have to "show me" she liked it. We didn't even go into her bedroom because she had some lube in a kitchen drawer, knelt down and sucked me up hard, lubed it and her *** up, bent over her kitchen counter, and told me to start slowly. I followed her directions, but soon was pounding my full seven plus inches all the way in an out of her tight ***. She wailed while she reached between her legs to frig her **** and it was over in less than 15 minutes with a big load of my *** lodged deeply in her ***. We never kissed and I left to return to the bar. I told the ladies that she HADN'T lied and that I had ****** her *** silly and left a load. Some were shocked, some laughed out loud, and my wife just whispered that I had better wash it REALLY good before coming anywhere near her with it.

Some women don't care for it, but I love it!

seems like women are either very into it... or very not...

This is interesting to me because I've never had anal sex and wondered if women really enjoyed it. No doubt you do very much and it is good to hear of your satisfaction with that special fun.

Which virginity? My bottom? That would have been when I was 13 I guess, at camp. I always like to be sodomized. Not only does it feel great, but it's such a submissive thing, you know? Head down, my cute little butt raised, a guy doing nasty things to it with his nasty thing ..... nothing like it!

I have to agree....I really enjoy it. There's something really hot about being totally submissive and taking it in the ***. I only wish I would have had the courage to explore this at an earlier age!

When I was a young student I helped a stranded girl in the street,she was sitting not far from my residence crying and sobbing,I had no idea why.I led her to my house and was very saddened by her state so I sat her down in my room and brought her something to drink,her hands were trembling so much I had to hold the glass,we touched,she looked up at me with tear filled eyes,a pale skinned girl of maybe 16,I was 18.
Suddenly my **** was throbbing in my pants as her eyes swelled with tears she flopped backwards onto the bed with her short skirt riding up her smooth creamy white legs,her tummy heaving as she continued to sob uncontrollably.I tried and tried to comfort her but as I did,my **** was shouting for attention!
In a trance,head pounding,skin tingling I peeled off her panties and skirt,she was trembling as I undressed and she saw my hard black staff dripping with anticipation,tickling her inner thighs with my fingernails she just spread her legs in one slow movement and exposed her pink delight,she touched my arm,I thought that my **** was talking to her as her body arched the soft skin of her buttocks brushed the tip of my ebony staff and I was way past the point of no return,seeing her hair splashed onto the bed, I heard her tummy rumbling,my **** was now pressing onto her anus,her legs widened as her eyes rolled back into her head,something that I'd never seen before,it made her look like a statue,a little creamy white statue......I looked down to see the tip of my raging **** stretch open her *******,she was biting her lip when I pushed in further,pulled out a little,her ***** was oozing onto my ****,then with one long stroke I impaled her magic she stopped snivelling,calmed and began to breath normally,faster and faster I pumped her anus and began to see the true vision of submissiveness as her limp body engulfed my shiny velvet ****,I laid my full weight on her forcing two fingers into her throat to avoid her biting her lip too hard....then her hands were stroking my shoulders and I came,a silent overpowering ****** that sent colours I'd never seen racing across my brain!
She rested next to me in total peace,I looked at her in silence and there we stayed and slept all afternoon.
We made love again and again just like a normal couple in a classic missionary position,excepting our anal preference.To this day I have never had such an enthralling anal experience,she never said why she was crying,I've never been so spellbound with such an anal offering brought on a submissive silver tray of soft creamy white skin.

I had been transformed into a Black Prince,by a glowing white Princess,through a form of purity hidden in her rear passage that led deep into her secret treasures,a calming gentle affect that spilled into her body.

My mind was equally stretched further than I'd ever thought possible.

yeah, thats definitely part of it for many men and women... the dom/sub trip... im more into just a cute tite hot lil butt raised n spread all high n eager, and knowin ur gonna just totally explode if i start slow, get it right, then pound you deep n hard... always try to set you up in front of a mirror so i can see ur face...;)

Nicely put!

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Special and fun and deeply satisfying.

The nice man certainly, uh, showed me something I have enjoyed immensely ever since. I might have been a little too young for that, though ....

i learned a lot from those young brit girls, but somehow i never made the connection to a very early start til just now...

Wow, Daddy, you are like an anal sex missionary, spreading the gospel of rump-humping. Good man! And Marie, I wonder just how young you were, I'll tell (privately) if you will ....