The Bliss Of Anal

To have that pulsing head on a man’s **** push through your tight ring of muscle is beyond words. I really like when he pushes just until the flare of his head sits right inside, and I can feel my muscles spasm around the thick intrusion. Then, to have him push in slowly, excruciatingly slow. Feeling the slight burn as he pushes and to have my *** spread for him.

Then, once he has seated himself fully, his balls lightly touching my dripping *****, he pulls out quickly, and slams back in, hard. Having his balls slap me and the intense pressure returns. Have him sit there a moment more as I adjust to the sensation.

Then as a tease, he rotates his hips, grinding my insides. I can feel his head rub against my G-spot through the thin membrane separating my rectum form my vaginal cavity.

Then, he starts a brutal pace. His hips hitting my *** checks with each thrust; hearing the wet slap of sac on *****. I can feel my juices running down my inner thighs, and I get even more turned on. He puts a hand on each hip, and with an agonizingly tight grip, pumps in and out. My breasts swing and jostle with the movement. I’m getting close to my climax. He can feel my muscle in my *** clenching along his shaft as he thrusts. I know he feels it, and likes it, for his pace is faltering and becoming erratic.  

He slips one hand under and rubs my ****, sending me over the edge into bliss, causing my lower half to clamp and squeeze his **** like a vice. This it the final straw as he reaches his peek, he thrust deeply one last time as he lets his load off inside.

I love feeling the hot bursts of ***** shoot strings inside my ***. He sits there until his waves of bliss passes, and pulls his limp **** out with a slight slurping sound; some of his seed spills out.

Such a nice feeling. More people should try anal sex.

TiEnya TiEnya
26-30, F
22 Responses Mar 10, 2010

That is such a hot vivid description ! Love anal so much x

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Good story....feeling horny

Great description - while I've never been on the receiving end, I've had several partners who love anal, and that's how they *try* to describe it, anyway.

Best feeling ever!!

absolutely amazing story, made me want to do a girl anal again more than ever!

Got me hot right away. Super visuals as I imagine holding your hips in my hands...Can imagine how intense it is as my **** pulsates and shoots hot *** inside you. And then we slowly come down from the high. Yum.

TiEnya.. such an expert, love the visual and vivid recount... kisses

A wonderful story! I think most women would love anal if they would only give it a try. There is nothing quite like it, especially if you have a bit of a submissive streak, like I do. Wonderful memories of saying "oh, God you're so deep in my poor ***! This is so degrading" while my puss is soaked and throbbing. Just lovely!

Fantastic story and I agree with you. Giving a lady anal can and is a fantastic turn on and a huge climax for her. Feels different and wonderful at the same time.

@CyanidePete: I'm glad I could accomplish the ability to transport you there :) Thanks for the comment<br />
@velvettongue: A lot of readers have had a similar thought, and again, while I thank you for it, that pleasure is for my Dom alone, lol. Thank you for reading.

@justme1959: Thanks for feeling it with me. And I agree, anything to highten the pleasure.<br />
@smallbob: Glad you felt it. It's much more fun if the woman is involved. If she's just there, you might as well be ******* a fleshlight, lol. <br />
@ticklishsoles: Glad I could stir something inside of you. ;)<br />
@kevinmcc: I completely agree! Thanks for the comment.<br />
@Grin32: thanks for reading and for the recommendation on the experience.<br />
@greedyanhorny: Unfortunately, that pleasure is for my Dom at this time, but thank you none the less.<br />
@hadar65: Thanks for the great comment. It really depends on who you're with and when, but no anal experience is the same :)<br />
@tryitallboy: mmm that is a nice sensation. Bareback is very nice; skin on skin. And the the feeling of ***** inside you is pretty amazing. <br />
@gatikasensual69: Great! Glad there are others who also enjoy it! So many people aren't even willing to try, but I bet you more then half would do it again after the first try :)<br />
<br />
Thanks to everyone who has read this experience and especially to those who have commented ^.^ -TiEnya

Very good description of a hard buttfucking. I like it when he pulls it all the way out, waits for it to close up, then shoves it all the way back up my *** in one hard stroke. Especislly if its really big and thick aand hes very aggressive about pounding me. I always take it bareback so he can shoot his load up my ***, my favotite part.. Nothing like getting assfucked hard by a huge ****, its my favorite.

Sometimes slow and steady, sometime pounding rhythmically, and sometimes extremely brutal and painful. Always with a bit of humiliation, but I just love anal, and you put it in your words so beautifully. Thank you so much for your story.<br />
Love Hadar.

your soo amazing love to watch you cumm like trhat baby

Wow!! That is a smoking hot story...thanks for sharing ;)

I believe that you just cured my ED!

Fantastic story - I felt like I was there (wish I blood well was). I love women who enjoy anal, not just allow a guy to do it, but actually really enjoy it.

@Biggzz, haha good? lol<br />
<br />
@Floridabreeze, thank you very much.<br />
<br />
@Lookn327, thanks for the compliment! I actually don't write a lot, but I've been told I should write more often. And what a better way to write then from experience, no? lol<br />
<br />
I hope to write a few more experiences...but life has other plans for me at the we'll see. Thanks again guys!

As the Gospel singer would say:"How long O Lord, How long ? "

No worries! I thoroughly enjoy anal...and I love when I can get a man off with it. It is a different feeling from vaginal sex, but good different in it's own way. <br />
<br />
Now what really gets his rocks off, is if he's thrusting in there, and I sneak a vibrator into my *****, and he can feel the vibrations with each thrust. Nice little trick to send him over edge in pleasure, lol. (And feels good for me too :P lol)

Exceptional....almost felt as though I was there in his place-you certainly know how to cover both sides of the "Equation"...covers EVERYTHING I love about ******* a beautiful,sensual woman right in the ***.Thanks,Ti , Honey, you transported me for a while there....