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Being a woman and wanting to be with a woman are things that have been with my my entire life. My first sexual / emotional experiences were in high school and the memories are still with me. My first was with a gym teacher who had seduced a friend of mine. My friend told me she "liked me" and wanted to see my after class one day. It was fantastic. I had been out with boys who were so clumsy in trying to get to their objective that I was totally turned off. Girls on the other hand were patient and considerate and willing to compromise.
The closest I ever came to being with a boy in those days was when, in the back seat of a car he came on me before I even had my panties off. What a mess. And he blamed me for "making it happen so fast". It was a number of years before any male even came close to entering my body.
The gym teacher showed me what a woman was capable of and taught me a lot. She was quite the seductress, and after her I became, as I believed, a real lesbian, albeit, as they say today, "a lipstick lesbian". Sex with girls and women was all I wanted and had several lovers who I really believed were the ones, but I was fickle and always looking.
In college and grad school I planned carefully who I should seduce and few knew who the "real me" was. The women I targeted were those who gave no hint of being lesbians; teachers, administrators, faculty wives, but hardly any of my peers. I preferred older women. I don't know why I was so deeply hidden in the closet but it worked for me.
After graduating and starting a career in academia, I began sleeping with men but it wasn't the same. Some were satisfying but something was missing. I still have sex with men and truth be told, I do enjoy it, but it's a woman's touch, a woman's lips, and a woman body I crave.
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I love this story sounds like me. I fell in love with a woman in high school. It was the most beautiful emotional and sexual experience of my life. I never tried again with another woman but i have been longing to im just way too shy. I have been with many men but none have ever satisfied me like she did.

love your story, well except for the part about men EWW!!, lol anyways, very inspirational :)

whats up stranger

i feel what u saying i want a women to be with