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Being a woman and wanting to be with a woman are things that have been with my my entire life. My first sexual / emotional experiences were in high school and the memories are still with me. My first was with a gym teacher who had seduced a friend of mine. My friend told me she "liked me" and wanted to see my after class one day. It was fantastic. I had been out with boys who were so clumsy in trying to get to their objective that I was totally turned off. Girls on the other hand were patient and considerate and willing to compromise.
The closest I ever came to being with a boy in those days was when, in the back seat of a car he came on me before I even had my panties off. What a mess. And he blamed me for "making it happen so fast". It was a number of years before any male even came close to entering my body.
The gym teacher showed me what a woman was capable of and taught me a lot. She was quite the seductress, and after her I became, as I believed, a real lesbian, albeit, as they say today, "a lipstick lesbian". Sex with girls and women was all I wanted and had several lovers who I really believed were the ones, but I was fickle and always looking.
In college and grad school I planned carefully who I should seduce and few knew who the "real me" was. The women I targeted were those who gave no hint of being lesbians; teachers, administrators, faculty wives, but hardly any of my peers. I preferred older women. I don't know why I was so deeply hidden in the closet but it worked for me.
After graduating and starting a career in academia, I began sleeping with men but it wasn't the same. Some were satisfying but something was missing. I still have sex with men and truth be told, I do enjoy it, but it's a woman's touch, a woman's lips, and a woman body I crave.
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I'd love to chat with you.
I have a different dream to find a girl to join my man and I.
it would be nice to chat because I feel I need to tell someone who understands.
Sarah. Please reply

I love this story sounds like me. I fell in love with a woman in high school. It was the most beautiful emotional and sexual experience of my life. I never tried again with another woman but i have been longing to im just way too shy. I have been with many men but none have ever satisfied me like she did.

Please tell me more.
I do have an awesome man in my life who fulfills me but I really want to be in love with a girl too. I really don't have any girlfriend I can share this with. I'd love to have a girl I could tell face to face. I am a shy person and I feel that once I ever find that perfect girl and build up the courage to make the moves I'd come out and lose the ability to care what people think and declare my pride at being true about the person I am.
My man Mike is for it like any guy would be but beside the sexual aspect he actually thought about the whole dynamics of the relationship. Many things I didn't think about.
Like what it would be like to have a girl that I can enjoy on all levels like chill time together and these girly nights where we treat ourselves to sessions at skin clinic, spas, shopping together and having dress ups to see what we can wear best.
I have to admit that I'd love having fantasies about my man and I seducing and pleasing a girl. I'd love to see my man please another girl like he does me.
Do you think I'm asking too much in wanting this?
Is there any advice you can give me?
Would you like to chat?
I'd love to. Sarah.

love your story, well except for the part about men EWW!!, lol anyways, very inspirational :)

whats up stranger

i feel what u saying i want a women to be with