This is a poem that I wrote for a woman for whom I have feelings.  It is entitled "Happenings" and it is about how she has changed me.


I have no idea what happened,
but now I am not the same.  Someone broke the
window to my heart; one tumultuous
evening it
shattered.  Like a breeze, you made your
way through the cracks in the
glass, and the
draft made my
soul tremble.  The brisk air did not
matter, I was
you entered

Your words warmed the
air that whipped within me, melted
hypothermic flecks of flesh and
restored my rumpled coat of
a heart. 

Your breath blew the
dust that settled, wiped clean
the sepia shelves of my soul where
lay books filled with chapters of
loves of
histories of
hurt of
geographies of
pain and
replaced every
epic of experiences passed.

You proffered memoirs of your
memories, pages from your
third shelf, flushed left, spine read:
your name

I read paragraphs for
pages ‘til I happened upon our
story and gone to glory was
apprehension, tension
parted like a
field of wild grasses by the
legs of a child.  The moon
down from the infinite dark that surrounded her,
and I found her light on my
chest near my
heart where
a key
turned and opened a door that
lead to a place so dark I
did not know where I was.

In that
place the
shackles of the
scars from the
nevers and maybes
relinquished me and I
stepped lightly into the
opaque with
no understanding of
what had occurred. 

I—I have no idea what happened,
but now I am not the same.

brujis brujis
18-21, F
7 Responses Jul 20, 2007

get over it if you want another girlfriend do not advertise the fact that you are still in love with your ex

I wish that I could express myself as eloquently as did you.<br />
It was a glorious ex<x>pression of love! You must be an angel in disguise. Thank you for sharing.

That was lovely

That was so beautiful, chills and goosebumps. My very best friend is a woman who can only love women. Our minds and hearts are in love, deeply in love, but I'll never touch her that way.

What a beautiful ex<x>pression of love and mystery.

Lovely heartfelt imagery,<br />
Kudos ta ya!<br />
Was exellent,<br />

The line about the grass parting from the child's wild legs is amazing imagery...this is a tale of an amazing stroy. Many people never find this. <br />
I hope it works out for you...