All Women Are Beautiful



I realized I was a lesbian at the age of 17 but for years before that I would sit didn’t matter where and just stare at them as they walked past I still do that now yes I am a perve.

I have been with woman ranging from the age of 15 to 42, my first girlfriend was 15, second 26, third 19, forth 17, fifth 36, sixth 20, and my seventh was 41 they are just the ones I’ve dated there are other that never got past the bedroom but there for another day.

Now you might think I’m saying this just because I dated them but you would be wrong but every girl I was with was very beautiful , and even the woman that I only slept with are also beautiful because I think that all woman are beautiful even my friends, please you look at any woman they way she walks the way her hips move from side to side, her skin so soft and tender her lips so kissable I could kiss a woman’s lips for ever there so kissable her eyes  they look like they can see deep in to your soul, I don’t understand how you can’t love women , even straight women look at other women and if you’re a male and say no not my wife/girlfriend then you are wrong because no matter if your gay or straight women look at other women because it’s hard not to I tried not to but it just got the better of me and just because you look doesn’t make you a lesbian or bisexual just makes you normal

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Yes it's normal for beautiful women like you to look at other women and desire them sexually. Just enjoy and dream about them at night and ********** as you do. Be a lesbian.

So true.
As lucky as I am to have a real man who is an amazing, loving, very very patient and understanding I still want to fall in love with a woman. I really would be able to chat with someone like you to help me build some courage and conviction to achieve this. I think being able to get it out even if its online will be a good help.
Interested? Sarah. Nice Aussie woman who dreams of being in love with both a man and woman in a devoted union between three who are equally regarded.
Am I mad for wanting this?

No. It's natural

women may be beautiful but when two get together in a relationship they fight harder than a man and woman

i have bbeenabused by men andnow hate them. I have not been with a women as of yet but have feelings for some but they are in prison. I would like to find one to try out and see how wonderful it is.

Have you ever thought about a relationship with both a man and woman?
I feel for you for what you have stated. I dream of finding someone like you who has been treated wrong and forming something a bit complicated but potentially amazing.
I have an awesome man who fulfills me but I would love to find someone special who has the content perfect to become an equal in a tri union.
There is a lot of benefits you might never have even considered.
Would you like to chat?

Bisexuality is "Normal" in it's own Special way. That's because: Normality & Perfection, perhaps even Reality itself, is whatever a person makes of it. I mean, look at me: Born a boy, but Always interested in Girl stuff, Want to be a Baby again, get a Gender change & be Bisexual Girl named Ailani Usagi, have my own little child (girl)
Who's got the Trouble & needs "Pro Help"? Me or the "People" (Monsters rather) who make fun of me-rather than Love me-just for Who I am..??

the femenine form is far far more attractive than a male i look and i just want to touch

Stronger as well, for Many reasons!

It shows the softer side of their nature when there being so gentle it is a beautiful sight and even when they are pregnant they glow a nature beauty

They "Pregnancy Glow" is caused not just from their own beauty, but from the little darling inside her.

yes definately!!! i couldnt agree more!!! everything about women is beautifull, although, for me, the most beautifull thing is when you see a woman taking care of a little baby, and for me being a man, for some reason this just makes my heart melt!!!

Thank you for your comment and for agreeing and all woman should be proud of being a woman no matter who they are or how they look because in their own way every woman is beautiful

i agree with this totally 100%!!! all women are beautifull, each and every one in their own way!! i think women are the most beautifull creatures on the planet!!!