when I was really young, 12 or 13 I used to see the adult chat rooms on aim and dare to go in them but would chicken out. eventually I started in on yahoo chat when everyone was who they said they were and there weren't any bots when I was 14 and 15. Since then I can't find anywhere to chat, but it gets me so wet, I already have to take pills to balance out my hormones to calm my overactive **** down... chatting and reading emails people sent me awakened me to my lesbian life. Before I just thought I was normally curious about women... now its the only world I can call mine. Would love to cyber again...get at me peoples.
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18-21, F
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i_am_naughty_and_nice_2015 at yahoo and i_am_nice_and_naughty_2015 at skype add my ladies or girl want to chat and have some cam fun am a guy and am into that

You look so sweet! I'd love to exchange some naughty emails with you, if you're up for it! PM me or send me an email at

you are beautiful

I dont take pills but sexy pics and chats get my ***** really wet too. I just go with it and change my panties when Im done.