Im married and I love my husband, but I dont feel attracted to him. I hope it doesnt offend anyone but Im very horny and want to explore with a female. I have only been sexual with men, but have dreamed about a female. At times I hate myself for feeling this way and I try to block it out, but it doesnt last. I have read stories about women being intimate and I get so aroused. I need to figure this out. I think the female body is beautiful. I am a very fem. type woman, and butch types do nothing for me. Im glad I found this and its nice knowing that your not alone.
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I'm not offended but am so turned on by your not finding your husband attractive and dreaming of being with a girl. God I wish I was your husband. I beg you to cheat on me with other girls or women. In fact I'd even sleep in the spare room if I got in the way of you with them. Am begging you not to feel guilty that you desire other girls and women. Please enjoy it and love your sexual urges for lesbian love. Go for it cheat on him with a girl.

Don't hate yourself for being honest about your feelings. It takes courage to do that. Trying to box up your thoughts and emotions, and keep a lid on them over time, takes a toll. You are doing the right thing by expressing and exploring. You owe it to yourself. And when you say you are not alone, you are absolutely right.

Believe me when I say my husband would NEVER go for that. I am here because its safe and I can and will explore my inner feelings.

One must decide if they are going to explore their inner feelings. If you do, I see no reason to share it with your husband. Sometimes a little deviation from the norm is good.