Where...do You Go After Death

 After watching Through the Wormhole on the Science channel it made think, and nobody knows for sure but why not. Morgan Freeman explained about the energy in our brain and how these electrical impulses bounce around in our brain sending messages, recieving information, figuring out problems or maybe just enjoying the birds chirping.He asked, could this electrical energy be our soul and would it just die or would it leave our shell and return to the universe. I like the thought of flying thru the universe seeing  other galaxies, suns, planets and all the beautiful neboulas building new stars to form new galaxies. I might even get to see if there is another universe beyond ours and maybe discover the answer to UFOs.
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

The universe is still growing right now.

But they are dicovering new forms of energy in the universe everday.

They may be discovering new forms of energy, but it actually existed undiscovered (discovered means to find) If the sum total of the energy of the universe increases then the the universe will have to expand.

If you accept the fact that the total energy of the universe is constant, then the soul which is considered to be pure energy ( since there is no Matter associated with it ) will return to the universe energy pool. If it remains as a separate energy source with it own unique identity then the universe energy pool would be depleted and there would be only a finite number of souls.